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    2004 Competitiors

    u wanted pics, you got um!
  2. ShawnFleming

    2004 Competitiors

    I'll email them to you for you to post, only have dial up out here in the country, so it would take forever.
  3. ShawnFleming

    2004 Competitiors

    Db drag- 1987 Astro. No Alternators, 16 MTX 1501's, 4 RE MT 18's, 16 Interstate 8v230's (135lbs ea) 163.0 certified on sensor. SBN Champion IDBL- Adv 3 1997 Astro ext AWD 4 Incriminator Audio Death Penalty 15's and 16 Visonik 4000d's with 16 Interstate 8v230's. Havent finished this one yet.
  4. ShawnFleming


    Denim I would like to appoligize for the way I reacted last night. I know it wasnt interely your fault. Lets talk. AIM: tforcecrx email: bigs170@peoplepc.com