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    Yo Chris. I got some Poly's here at the house, gonna be putting them in the car this weekend. Let me know if you want to come out to the shop and take a listen, or even help me throw them in. We are having a party at Josh's across the street for the UFC Saturday Night. Peace, Shawn
  2. ShawnFleming

    Where is Fi

    Also I check my email everynight, and usually answer everynight, unless its an over a hunderd email day, then honestly I usually have to roll some over til the next day.
  3. ShawnFleming

    xxx 18 in the house ?

    Hmmm thats a hard one, I havent ever had the opportunity to play with an RL-P, but the XXX does have more movement, 27mm vs 33mm of x-max.
  4. ShawnFleming

    xxx 18 in the house ?

    the last one I did was a couple years ago and I did it in 10 cubes with 100" of port tuned to 20 hz. If I remember right, the port was a pain in the arse, b/c of how long it had to be, but man it was sick for movies. Had a crown CE1000 (i think that was the model number) on it. -Shawn
  5. ShawnFleming

    iCON first IFINITE BAFFLE !?!!

    SliviavsSupra did you ever finish this IB install? I actually have an 07 G35 coupe sitting here that I will be doing an IB install in. I will either be using 3 10's or 2 12's, forward firing with an Alpine PDX-1.1000, 2 sets of ID Chameleon 6.5 comps up front with an alpine PDX-4.150. The reason I choose IB for this install is, he wanted to retain at least 75% of his trunk and he wanted me to implement a matching 19" aftermarket wheel into the trunk install. Basically just wondering if you finished up the IB install and how in sounded in the vehicle. Thanks Shawn Fleming
  6. ShawnFleming

    Shop just got an overhaul

    Sorry guys, I havent been around the forums very much lately between taking care of everything around my house (dana broke her leg), still taking care of things around my dad's house(he has had 2 surgreries this year, with more next year), and my 9-5 job(the only network admin for 140 employees). Mark and Aaron, the new store looks great and the funtionality of it is perfect! Mark, hit me up when you get online, Dana said you tried to get ahold of me last night, I actually went out to the shop, to try to get some work done on the G35 coupe.
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    Any Updates?

    The website is very nearly done. This is the problem when you have to count on other ppl to get things done for you. We were screwed over by 2 website dev. companies (who came highly recommended), and finally we got a buddy of mine who owns a company here in gainesville to do it, and it just about wrapped up. We apologize for the delay, but it was out of our hands.
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    How much power are you putting to your havocs?

    I have 6 kicker 2500d's on 12 Havoc 15's, but will have warhorses very soon! But you already knew that!
  9. ShawnFleming

    To wall or not to Wall??? 4 15 or 18s????

    depending on the setup and power you can use less than 6 cubes per 18 and still have them work really really well.
  10. ShawnFleming

    I need ideas for a badass bass race system

    that wasn't really necessary, it is and has been civil. I was asked to do it, so I did, your post were not the only post that were deleted, some of the thread starters post were deleted as well.
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    I need ideas for a badass bass race system

    Im going to 12 15's this weekend! (ported)
  12. ShawnFleming

    I need ideas for a badass bass race system

    Ok, thats cleaned up. Lets keep it civil guys.
  13. ShawnFleming

    Shawn, Your Mids at WF?

  14. ShawnFleming

    Any news on the AA mids?

    I love mine!
  15. ShawnFleming

    Post pics of HAVOC's

  16. ShawnFleming

    AA Havoc

    I just did a pair in 4.0 cubes with 50" port tuned to 32 hz, with a kicker zx2500.1 in an explorer and it slammed.
  17. ShawnFleming

    X series clearance

    X Series 12"
  18. ShawnFleming

    AA Future

    Rick Ross ft Dre- Chevy Ridin High
  19. ShawnFleming

    acendants contact # anyone?

    Thanks steve, its late, wasnt thinking, heck im and network admin, I should have been more careful. It was only for a couple mins, so we should be good. I went ahead and changed my email too.
  20. ShawnFleming

    acendants contact # anyone?

    The only ava 15" email I had was from tommcacy(a-t)saturnofoaklawn.com, and I replied to it at 12:16am, or about an hour ago, please let me know if that is not you, if it is not. Please resend email to shawn(a-t)ficaraudio.com Thanks Shawn
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    *EVERYONE PLEASE READ*All non sales/order emails to Fi

    I will get you one made on the next batch. They are $45.
  22. ShawnFleming

    I need a response from an FI Employee Please

    I just spoke with Scott, Cameron. Can I get you to PM me your Full name and addy please! Awsome, thanks bud. Shawn
  23. ShawnFleming

    Kinkybikes Fi Pumpkin

    Hope you guys dont mind, but I cleaned it up a bit. I cleaned up everything that didnt pertain to Fi or the pumpkins.
  24. ShawnFleming

    I need a response from an FI Employee Please

    Im at SEMA right now as well, and I sent you a PM back earlier, I just noticed it in there, the pm asked if I had taken care of it. PM's are hard, easiest way to get in contact with me is email. Thanks Shawn
  25. ShawnFleming

    Attention Scott and/or Shawn

    It has been shipped to my house, since I am going to recone it and teach you how to recone for free. I am currently at SEMA, and will be back on sunday. Once I get back, I will hit you up, and we can schedule a time to meet and get it taken care of. Also Im not sure what email addy you sent it to for me, but I have not recieved anything. Thanks Shawn Fleming Fi Car Audio Tech, R&D and Team Leader Ascendant Audio Tech and R&D