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  1. I forgot to rewire the BTL to 4ohm when I swapped it with my 15's in the HT, and while I was doing so, I began to wonder, if my amp is only 4ohm stable, how does it function exactly, under 4ohm? (I had it wired at 1ohm for the Neer) For example, if you sweep the box, and you measure your entire playable range, and it never exceeds the rated RMS of the amp, say you're wired at one quarter rated minimum like me, and you have it set conservatively, and safe, does that prevent premature failure that low impedance is known for? Is that how people run amps at .25 daily and shit since it's only passing the rated amount of power through? I always assumed they did that for comps, and ran it super low because of a peak in impedance at their loudest frequency to maximize output for that single note. Demos were just showing off. I've got no interest in doing so, I've way to heavy a hand on the knob; just wondering how it works.
  2. Perfect segway I've been wanting to do a high surface area, low power build for quite some time but I've been afraid to commit to the idea because of how attached I've gotten to drivers like my BTL. Something like 6 dcon 15's sealed. Would that net me more "felt" bass and low end extension than continuing down my single 18 path? My brother's car was nasty loud on 2k rms, you couldn't tell if you were breathing on mid to high notes and that was five Memphis 12's sealed. I miss being choked out.
  3. Thanks for entertaining my curiosity =] Makes the A6000GTI all the more sexy to me. 6k @ 4ohms.... *shiver*
  4. I know it's harder on the equipment but I was trying to understand in what way; everyone knows it's bad. I wanted to understand.
  5. Is that a common protect feature on car amps? I rewired mine lol, I hit a low note and it hiccuped and I suddenly remembered. I think my amp has a no clip feature, whatever that's called. I can't throw it into clipping no matter how high I crank it. It stops at 45v rms and that's that.
  6. New catalytic converter, then, an Xcon!!!!

  7. SpeakerBoy

    GP audio

  8. SpeakerBoy

    HT/Music subwoofer orientation

    What's appropriate clearance for a downfiring 18?
  9. SpeakerBoy

    HT/Music subwoofer orientation

    Swapped my sealed fifteens for the BTL again for my listening/HT setup; super basic question, any reason not to do up firing? I have always loved the look upwards firing setups, maybe because my heart is in the trunk of an suv it seems to register just fine. the cabinet is massive, forward firing is wacky looking; I'm using the opposite side as rack for amps. Is sag an issue in a typical setup or only in setups where limits are being tested?
  10. SpeakerBoy

    HT/Music subwoofer orientation

    I'm tuned close to that, this box is 9.5@29hz, with 120sq in of port. I only have 500rms give or take to feed it but it drowns my mains easily. I don't hear any difference wall firing, or front firing so I opted to face it up. It's 42"x25.5"x24" and it's in a bedroom so it's a little limited on placement options.
  11. SpeakerBoy

    Dayton um15-22 for trunk build????

    The Daytons will sound great, but not my first choice for getting loud. Welcome to SSA
  12. SpeakerBoy

    12 inch square sub no brand info

    Not what I meant. Post a pic of the motor.
  13. SpeakerBoy

    Db audio

    I used to hate when pops would hit me with that as a kid hate it even more when it legitimately makes sense lolllll
  14. SpeakerBoy

    12 inch square sub no brand info

    Any pics of the motor?
  15. SpeakerBoy

    Greatest Passenger Car Engine of last 25 Years

    Ford 302, Subaru 2.5 :)
  16. SpeakerBoy

    I'm back!! 4 SSA ZCON 15"s. SCV-6000. 157@37Hz!!

  17. SpeakerBoy

    2.1 vs 2.2

    Room is maybe two feet longer than it would be if it were square, very simple. I feel like it's bass heavy to the left but I can't tell if I'm just imagining it. About 14ft x16ft with my chair two feet from the back wall making it 12ft from speaker to speaker and 12ft from each speaker to the listening position. Just want a more even, centered sound.
  18. SpeakerBoy

    2.1 vs 2.2

    I have two 15" subwoofers in my music setup at home in a dual fifteen sealed box, is it worth getting a pair of boxes to run one per side? Further more, if so, should I run them in stereo?
  19. SpeakerBoy

    Rear side hatch window loose from bass

    I'm already seein xcons in my sleep and you keep teasing me ^^
  20. The glue or whatever has loosened and the window moves perhaps a millimeter either way and rattles super bad. Discovered basshead radio on iOS yesterday. How can I resucure the window? It does not have to be pretty. My hatch window is spray foamed in place. 98 mountaineer (explorer)
  21. SpeakerBoy

    Rear side hatch window loose from bass

    Turns out it was a quick fix, all the bolts weren't even finger tight. Didn't have to remove the box to fix it!
  22. Have any of you seen or heard of the Hydrogen on demand stuff, to improve fuel economy? Is it real, or a gimmick? Seems dope, but of course it does to someone like me getting 13mpg. Any solid scientific evidence for these kits?
  23. SpeakerBoy

    Hydrogen On Demand fuel system

    Figured, it seemed way too simple to be true. Not to mention all the YouTube videos mention a website to buy from at the end lol.
  24. SpeakerBoy

    winisd designing

    Slot port an option?