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  1. god damn...I got switched from working a day shift (11.50/hr) to working night shits for more pay (13.50/hr)

    So I never get sleep anymore, I think I might become nocturnal soon. 10pm to 6 in the morning 5 days a week this blows!!!!!

  2. holy crap that looks like it would be a pain in the ass!

    OxyContin usually does the trick...they gave me that when I had a bone sticking out of my leg from my sled accident.

    It sucks when stuff like that happens man, you never realize how much you use your 2 fingers daily until you cut them off haha!!!

    good luck hope everything heals up fine!

  3. Did you buy this, and if so what is it going in???

    :P no. Didn't realize how misleading those two post could be when placed consecutively.

    That is an engine the Trick Performance built for someone to drop in an 04 Avalanche

    Ill sell you my LQ9!