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  1. drew with the "if my hands werent so cold,i couldve held it better".....classic...

    Well it is true!! It was like below 35.... which is cold to us LA boys lol :shrug:

    wow...35 is like T-shirt weather to us haha.

  2. wow, that DP is HUGE!!!! compared to the BL!!! whats the mounting depth of that???

    You have some great skill and fab work for only being in high school!

    nice job on the enclosure. what kind of dodge is that? and the year? looks like a fullsize?

  3. drew, I like the new TBC!!! haha

    we need to make an IHoP there!

    I'll get around to it...... ok i will right now lol

    I'm suspended so that means i'm in the alternative school for two days..... I am staying on the comp haha

    What did you do??????

  4. yeah man you do have alot of support here at ssa, i have never been overweight...but i do have to maintain my weight for my MMA events. being 5'8" and 155 pounds i can go anywhere from 170 to 135 when im not excercising. I dont eat as healthy as i use to, I drink too much mountain dew. I would always put in extra effort at work when I needed cut weight, and cardio is good for you too. I like to snack on edamame (those bean things in the pods) all day because it keeps me from chowing down on food and stuffing myself; and it is very healthy for you.

    I used to smoke too, back in high school. I havent really done it that much lately...but occasionally I still do. It makes me eat alot whenever I do though. And it makes me LAZY! which is bad if your trying to lose weight before a weigh in for a fight.

    maybe you will have to change your screen name to lil' jon in the future...