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  1. I wouldn't think about using car audio crossovers, I am gonna look around on parts express, maybe some dayton audio mids or something, do you think it would be better if i let two mids share the same cabinet space? plus the tweet? i am going to order the second sa-8 soon. Also should I re-title this thread since the old one no longer applies? Thanks Also I am currently running a JBL Reciever with some yamaha towers, once I finish these I will no longer use them oviously, but I plan I buying a Crown amp again I can look into the hardware crossovers meant for Crowns.


    Well I have this crazy idea that I am thinking of, it may be dumb but Towers? Crescendo's?

    If you mean PWX's then TERRIBLE idea. No application I've EVER seen has been good for those.


    What would be better, I know i am going to have to get into crossovers and such, dont have much experience working with crossovers.

  3. Well I have this crazy idea that I am thinking of, it may be dumb but Towers? Crescendo's? I am no longer going for SQ, well some SQ, just want some future shop Towers maybe, nothing crazy. Opinions?


    Good, didn't realize the timing of my comments.

    Generically speaking fiberglass resin weakens an MDF box. Obviously with mat that probably isn't the case, but just so you know.

  4. Here is me getting started like a 4 months later sorry guys, here is what i went with. Just used the ones Joex put up so I am not taking credit,


    Enclosure Specifications:

    Fb = 35.3 Hz
    Vb = 0.72 ft^3

    External Height = 10 in
    External Width = 22 in
    External Depth = 12 in

    Port Width = 1 1/4 in

    Cut Sheet List:

    * All Dimensions in Inches.
    * Wood Thickness is 3/4 for all Parts.

    External Enclosure Parts:

    Front & Back = 22 x 10

    Left & Right Sides = 10 1/2 x 8 1/2

    Top & Bottom = 22 x 10 1/2

    L Port Internal Assembly Parts:

    Front to Back = 9 1/4 x 8 1/2
    Extension = 16 1/4 x 8 1/2

    Assembles like this:


  5. The recommendation for the e 12 sealed is 1.0 ft^3 on Sundowns site so you are thinking maybe 1.3 or larger? I do have torres just not the best at using it yet. For power I am looking at installing a plate amp so I can have more power and better crossovers/EQ. Something from maybe parts express. my receiver is an older JBL I'm currently running it L ported and around 2.3ft^3 probably seeing 50 rms or so. I am going to need so compensate for the guts of the plate amp.

  6. Ok, Thanks for the help. I know I want to tune low, but I know unless you do it right you can get a lot of port noise going ported. Do you or anyone else have thoughts on making it sealed? I live in an apartment and i can spare the loudness going sealed.

  7.                 Hey guys, I have e12 d2 I got a while back from Jacobs yard sale, I was thinking it would make a decent home theater sub, Just want some ideas on tuning/aero port/ down firing?/ If anyone can help out Id appreciate