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  1. I'd like to keep the Brutus for a bit. I have never had a issue with it and it powered that CVR pretty good. I mainly just want to keep it safe and not blow up a $400 Fi Sub. Box is ply oak at 35"w x 13"h x 22" deep. I have a 6" PSP aeroport in it at 14" or so long. Should be around 32hz Fill's damn near the whole cargo area. I'll post pics
  2. Nope just a air filter and a boomba BOV. I have a HKS SSQ bov I took off the Srt when we sold it for my wifes new optima turdblow. I may put it on the ST later on. I have left the st pretty much stock. I have a 1988 Fiero GT I shoehorned a 3800 Supercharged motor into years back. Its my main fun toy. It's stupid quick. 1.9 rockers 3.4 pulley ported log mani's sinister tune blah blah blah.. Just can't haul my wife and son around in it..well.... at least at the same time.
  3. I bought the car with 80 miles on it used for under 20k. Guy my age bought it and tried to fit 3 car seats in it and it didn't work out. He traded it for a minivan at the same dealer he bought it from. I got it for a steal. My wife had a SRT-4 with stage 2 and tons of other goodies on it since 2003. I drove lumbering trucks forever so I decided i wanted something fun and here she is.
  4. Have you heard this shit from this forum? Because you seem to be a newbie. Not on any forums. And yes I thought I clearly conveyed I was getting back into the game and unsure about what to do. =-newb.
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    I learned to quit talking smack along time ago. Especially around the skinny little guys.. one way or another...they'll get ya!