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  1. 8 hours ago, jcarter1885 said:

    What exact speakers, brand and model number? Same with subwoofer.


    Any upgraded wiring (Big 3) or AGM battery under hood. 


    What equipment is actually installed now and how?


    What head unit do you have?

    With you having a 2channel amplifier for your front stage, I hope you are running a component set with passive crossovers for your mids and highs.

    Thanks for commenting.. I have the Big 3 upgrade. As for equipment; it goes as followed:

    Head Unit: Kenwood. KDC-BT555U

    Equalizer/Crossover: Lanzar Vibe XE3

    Distributor Block: Scosche.

    Capacitor: Tsunami 2 Farad 20VDC 


    As for Amps; i have a variety which Consist of...

    Dual XPR52 (2 Channel Amp.)

    Kicker DX-A250.1 (2 Channel Amp)

    Mmats Pro Audio E600.4 (4 Channel High Power Mosfet Amp)

    Boss CH2502 (2 Channel Mosfet Power Amp)


    Speakers: 2 Boss Tweeters, 2 6.5's Orion HCCA with Red Housing Door Speakers, 2 6×9's Almani in the Rear Deck.

    Subwoofer: MTX Thunder US-XT10-04


    Thanks again for everyone taking part in my assembly!!

  2. Good evening everybody. I have a few items to install for an Audio System upgrade; but don't know how to go about it. The Items that will be involved are -1 Distribution Block -2 Amps. -1 Capacitor. -1 Equalizer/Crossover -6 Speakers in Total (2 tweeters, 2 Front Door 6.5's, and 2 6x9's) -1 Subwoofer

    I'm trying to connect 2 amps; 1 for the Subwoofer and the Second for Speakers. My Aftermarket Head Unit has 3 pairs of RCA plug-ins.
    1) Subwoofer 2) Front 3) Rear.

    How Would I connect the 6 speakers (which I'm going to rewire) to the 1st amp? Do I wire the Speakers to the Amp or Straight to the Head unit itself? Also, how would I connect the amp to the Head unit if it only has the 3 RCA plug-ins as stated above?

    Any advice or suggestions are Welcomed. Thanks in advance.