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Where did my midbass go?

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10 hours ago, ///M5 said:

One other warning, don't use the measurements as gospel as I assume you weren't sitting in the car and measuring at both ears.  Even then your head will influence the measurement.  Of course finding modes and odd response anomalies to try to attack with eq surely works.

Glad it helped.  Isolation and understanding limits make a big difference in what can be done.

I figured that at the frequencies I was concerned with it would be fine if I wasn't sitting in the driver seat.  I know from work that head position can have a huge impact on operator measurements. We have a 6'4" coworker and any operator measurements we get with him are a dB or two louder overall compared to someone who's average height. 

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For reviewing the response and trouble shooting it is fine, but just don't expect the gospel if you make the changes as your body will change it all.  Hard to measure at pinna correctly as well, but that is a whole different topic.

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