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    Need to illuminate them.
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    Cleaned up the front stage 6 channel amplifier wiring
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    Woke up this morning and deadened the front door panels, picture is of driver side and both panels done the same.
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    Some wire clamp downs, wiring still isn't permanent. I have to take her to a shop to get the DSP hooked up to the factory amplifier. Once that is done, then all the wiring will get done properly.
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    Amp? Nope. Camera? Yep.
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    LOVE the enclosure! How are you running the mids (power and bandwidth)?
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    About ready to start measuring, finally. Wanted to this weekend but didn't have the free time I thought I would. Just got them to this point a few minutes ago. Must say I really like the look of the rear mount with roundover on the wideband. Wish I would've swapped the port on the right speaker so the port was on the outside on both. Not that it matters acoustically. It's purely cosmetic. Just would've been nice to have the forethought to plan that look better.
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    Thanks Aaron I appreciate that.
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    Mids modeled well in .6cuft tuned to 46hz. I'd have to look again but IIRC the F3 was in the high 30's. Since the TC9 has an odd shaped basket and a front mounted gasket, decided to rear mount the widebander. Plus I think rear mounted drivers just look pretty freaking cool Learned a lot building the 7empest speakers last year, both acoustically and woodworking. Much happier with the quality of the craftsmanship of this enclosure. Hope to keep improving a little each time. Just waiting now to get my mic back from getting calibrated. In the mean time only thing left to do on the speakers really is decided on color scheme and paint them