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    I thought I was the only person who deadened my plate. Well, I don't necessarily deaden it, but adhere some 1/4" CCF to the back. Works great. You got that puppy wrapped up tight like a night with some super strange!
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    I always think it's worth interviewing. Sometimes you get to interviewing and you realize it's not at all what you think it is but way better. Sometimes it's just worth talking yourself up for a bit or getting some leverage on a current employer. I may post on a similar topic in the RTMS
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    It's just an invitation to the interview, would be the second one, I already had a first interview with them in 2018. On one side, I can't complain about life here, in-laws are close, we're getting ready to build the house, the city and country is safe, I can spend time with the kid and wife instead of slaving away on a job. On the other side, the pay has way more potential than here, there are other opportunities for all 3 of us on the other side of the pond (jobs, education, travel, hobbies). I think the biggest factor would be distance from the in-laws.
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    It means they need to sharpen their pencils on their offer.
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    Now, after the papework is done for the house and we have everything lined up to start building next spring, Amazon emails me for a job in either Toronto or Vancouver.... Such a tough decision...
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    Awesome. Has to be fun to see in person and even more so to shoot. Nice work!
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    I know in the past some of you guys have enjoyed my work, so here's the coverage from last Saturday. https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/vigilant-mma-cq14/ J