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    Dang, that makes me want to make the drive.
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    Link to my Instagram.
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    I can help with info if you are interested. Been diving into this to diversify even more. Honestly, it is to the point where I think most anyone with substantial savings, needs to consider.
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    Speaking of ultimate grocery getter. Pee paw decided on a Bronco Sport. All he needs and low enough to get into. Took it in the shorts on trade in, but got rid of that wrecked truck that I felt was a ticking time bomb. Drove a Bronco today. If my wife would decide she doesn't want more kids, we'd order one for late 2022.
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    Ordered 4/9 and just received today, I'm one excited mf. Totally worth the wait as always, still waiting on my enclosure though. But no more words and on to the pictures of the Fi Neo 4.7 15" D2.
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    Next car I'll get delivered to a dealership near you, fly in and then drove it home?
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    Googles Wayzata MN to Lock Haven PA?
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    I also seal graphics.
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    Best advice I can offer is to look at their work. Paint correction is everything, regardless of the ceramic.
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    Solid craftsmanship there!!! J
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    You need to build a TTv8 trophy truck. It's the ultimate grocery getter. J
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    F-150 5.0 STX. Add the twinsies and then put whatever suspension you want on it.
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    It is refreshing cleaning up some vintage American steel.
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    She is not perfect, but eye catching. The original plastic still on the rear seat and it came with the entire tool kit. I will have to get a picture of that along with some engine pictures.
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    My current project. 1937 Ford Coupe, all original.
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    Last weekend's scap run, putting the U in SUV
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    Mids modeled well in .6cuft tuned to 46hz. I'd have to look again but IIRC the F3 was in the high 30's. Since the TC9 has an odd shaped basket and a front mounted gasket, decided to rear mount the widebander. Plus I think rear mounted drivers just look pretty freaking cool Learned a lot building the 7empest speakers last year, both acoustically and woodworking. Much happier with the quality of the craftsmanship of this enclosure. Hope to keep improving a little each time. Just waiting now to get my mic back from getting calibrated. In the mean time only thing left to do on the speakers really is decided on color scheme and paint them
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    Morning donut run. Still needs a detail as it is as bought, but so far I am loving the car.
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    Just picked her up. Not great pics, but more will come. Going to take her to dinner with the fam now.
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    I bought these without listening to them
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    I know in the past some of you guys have enjoyed my work, so here's the coverage from last Saturday. https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/vigilant-mma-cq14/ J
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    Welp, spent some time today building and measuring crossovers. I think I built six different iterations in total, and took countless measurements of each one. Here are, I think, the top 3 contenders. The maroon so far looking best on paper for both FR and phase. I did spend a bit of time the past day or so listening to the first crossover I was able to build based on the parts that arrived (some of my inductors were on back order and just arrived today). Made me wonder why the hell I wasted so much time and effort trying to obtain good audio in a car when home audio sounds infinitely better with much less time and money invested, LOL. I really enjoyed how they sounded with that first crossover, and it didn't measure quite as well as these (well, maybe a little better than the purple xover...but I want to give that design a listen so I kept it in my "top 3"). So long story short there I think I'm ultimately going to be very happy with how these turn out regardless These measurements were done in-room, so ignore 300hz down. I'm also pretty suspect of the peak in the last octave from 10khz -20khz, but considering my age and past listening habits I'd be lucky if I can even hear most of that octave anyways. But regardless, all 3 xovers are within +/- 2db from 300hz on up, which is pretty good. Graph "looks" a little ragged but that's because we're zoomed in pretty close. If I zoomed out one or two clicks on the graph it'd "look" much more smooth. Reverse nulls aren't amazing, but I think they're sufficient (maybe a little less so on the purple trace but again, I just really want to listen to that one). Then I have the individual roll offs.
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    And, it's alive! I literally spent HOURS figuring out why I had no tweeter on the right channel. Finally came to discover that one of my jumper wires were bad It was incredibly frustrating trying to track down the issue, and I dont handle frustration well. Curse words were said (and muttered, yelled and spewed)
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    Can at least start FR sweeps tomorrow....finally
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    Welp, as usual this shit is taking way longer than I anticipated. Didnt help I had to spend all day Sat fixing my dryer instead of working on my speaker project But, progress was made. Got my binding post plates installed, baffle mounting bracket pieces put on, holes drilled and countersunk, T nuts installed and started on the cabinet damping. Also realized I forgot about needing to measure the impedance curve....really wish I'd thought about that when I placed my order at PE >:(