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    One of the coolest features on the SSA Bass Meter is the Bass Cam VID_20230201_090648.mp4 VID_20230201_090834.mp4 VID_20230201_090839.mp4
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    After talking to XS Power about lithium batteries, my whole wiring will be changing as well as electrical. Both Odyssey AGM Batteries will be sold and replaced with a Titan Lithium Group 48, which will power my whole system along with my HO Alternator. There will be no more batteries in my trunk and when you open it the trunk up, you won't see any more wires just the enclosure. I ordered a longer amp board to hold my new power block and bigger fuse distribution block as well as my Salt-4k amp. I will be doing adding another run of 2/0 wire going from front battery to rear power block. Then three wires coming off the power block, one wire to power up my front stage amp and two wires to power my sub amp. I will sell under hood fuse holder to a friend, move the one from the rear to the front. As I'll be buying a new one with more wire attachments since my electrical is changing and I'm adding more wires. Here is my power block for the rear area that will mount on amp board.
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    Finally found some speaker grills that fit, plus this design almost mimics the Volkswagen symbol.
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