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    I am beat. Wanted to network the 2 12's in the back with the 2 9's in the front and fix the odd wiring from the previous owner. Add some goodies along the way. First vehicle in forever that is getting no amps....at least for now 3 zone RGB controller. Red for night whatever for whatever else. Last years Infinity's on clearance for $70 a pair with LEDs. I needed the light to see and was having a hard enough time drilling in the fiberglass and removing the foam
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    Speaking of mercy. Someone wanted a margarita. Had kids for a reason!
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    Did I mention I hate auto transmissions?! At least the C4 is a mindless one to work on. Needed new seals, bushings and gaskets.
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    If it's high slip on, it's Ariat all the way!
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    Few APM-X's left in stock. DM 150.6 and DM100.4 amps launched. IC5500.1 in prototyping. Dcon might return. Xcon overhaul underway.
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    Best luck brother. Makes me feel lucky to be in the situation I'm in.
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    Oh wow, I am sorry. Crossing my fingers for the best news.
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    The mechanics in the door are super impressive! Someone is a design genius for Korea Motors!
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    This is my rebuild topic: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/index.php?threads/45933/ Lots of pics, even more yapping. I've since took that Jeep off the road and this new one obviously has one worn clutch pack as it makes a bit more heat than it should. And I'm unsure whether to rebuild the new trans (less miles) or swap in the old rebuilt one. The old one has the original bearings though, so more miles on them.
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    Push up deficit is down to 75, while maintaining the 50 squats a day and at least one weights class or peloton ride a day.
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    Oh damn, that is sweet.
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    It is something we are considering. There is an IC5500 prototype...
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    Lol, you can like your own posts.
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    I will try as you know she loves b&g
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    Do you want a IC 2200.1 amp, or do you want Icon and Demon SUBS ? I wanted an SSA sub amp too, but they were not available when I pulled the trigger ! But the Ampere amplifier I got is good.
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    Thank you. The little (tiny) black amp is nice. I was going to buy a processor like the Bit One for ex, but the shop showed me this 2 in one Audison. And it's a class D, powerful enough for me : 4 x 130 w at 4 Ohms, they say... It was very easy to connect to the BMW, with all the specific cables.
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    I think JBL/Parrot made one too.
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    And no, it can NEVER be big enough
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    Is that big enough for the next boat?
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    About as much clearance as I have in front and ack of the Jeep in one of the garages. Just put a wheel chock where the rearmost wheels should stop and done.
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    What a damn day. Looks like the job shift is happening faster than anticipated. J
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    My wife was home today so I backed the boat in and reorganized the garage. Way faster to back it in, but fuck. 1" on both sides for width and this clearance for front and back makes the butt pucker. Way easier to get out when backed in. Like it when she is home
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    Basically my Pixel and Google photos has replaced 99% of my SLR shots and Lightroom nearly completely.
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    Unfortunately not in a positive way. As I have now learned I have degenerative disc disease in C5-C6 that seems to have contributed the the migraines. Those migraines caused me to take time off and lead to me getting the boot. J