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  1. Few APM-X's left in stock.  DM 150.6 and DM100.4 amps launched.  IC5500.1 in prototyping.  Dcon might return.  Xcon overhaul underway.

  2. Aaron Clinton

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    That is awesome. Because of you, to add to my push ups and squats per day, I am trying 20 pull ups per day to start.
  3. Aaron Clinton

    New System

    Thank you for grabbing an Evil! Nice choice. As for that amp, I am not sure what it does true power. But there are people not looking at the RMS ratings and sending over 5k.
  4. Aaron Clinton

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Oh wow, I am sorry. Crossing my fingers for the best news.
  5. Aaron Clinton

    Icon Amps?

    Thanks, in a perfect world, we have 3 full lines. But high end amps are so $$ to build and people only care about super cheap power now.
  6. Aaron Clinton

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Was looking back at this, I think I want to try the pull ups, but that is nuts amount per day.
  7. Aaron Clinton

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    We have to update the software again and it is very expensive, can you link from another location?
  8. Aaron Clinton

    Where to get supliments

    Ordered more proteins for me and the wifey.
  9. Aaron Clinton

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Push up deficit is down to 75, while maintaining the 50 squats a day and at least one weights class or peloton ride a day.
  10. Aaron Clinton

    SSA's Daily fitness iHop

    Oh damn, that is sweet.
  11. Aaron Clinton

    Icon Amps?

    It is something we are considering. There is an IC5500 prototype...
  12. Aaron Clinton

    Icon Amps?

    What do you mean bring it into the IC range?
  13. Aaron Clinton

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I wish I could put equipment in our boat club boats.
  14. Aaron Clinton

    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Fusion has been really expanding into Marine Audio lately it seems.
  15. Aaron Clinton

    Icon Amps?

    There is occasionally IC2200's floating around by TeamSSA members. We do plan to bring back the IC amp line. They were just ultra expensive to build and people didn't want to pay what they were worth. Then people didn't always want to pay Black Friday pricing. Then people didn't want to pay Black Friday pricing that hung around for 6 months. Yet, other brands that were hype laden and were a far worse value sold very strongly. So it is challenge to me to consider how and when to bring back a high end amp line if sales are not going to be very strong. There is a 5,500 watt mono prototype for the line already.