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    They boys have an ATV too. I picked up a pair of chinese Polaris knockoffs with 100cc 2 strokes for $200. One has 50psi compression the other I got running. The low compression one I will fix here soon. They love that shit. My little mechanic fixing the steering bushing And then getting it muddy
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    How to get in trouble: Following an off-road route downloaded from the internet, the whole day was a leisurely drive on dirt roads and ended up with a 4-foot deep ravine. I spent almost an hour trying to get out of that.
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    Mila's first fishing trip. At a local pond they stock for the kids.
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    I got a $600 tip today too!
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    And, it's alive! I literally spent HOURS figuring out why I had no tweeter on the right channel. Finally came to discover that one of my jumper wires were bad It was incredibly frustrating trying to track down the issue, and I dont handle frustration well. Curse words were said (and muttered, yelled and spewed)
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    Did a bit of work on the garage layout to make sure all the stuff fits and I can ask the architect for spots for the lift and the work ditch. That stove looking thing should be the drill press
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    Icon 12 2.25 cuft @ 35 Hz
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    We have 3 boys. Ages 4, 9, 12. Boat can get really busy. Generally try to take them out one at a time if I can, so there aren't arguments. Lucky for us, my in-laws camp same place as us, so Nana can babysit... Here's the youngest, oldest, and the wife all enjoying some good fishing.
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    Hey Sean, here's my 9 year old with one he reeled in this past summer.
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    I was too busy catching that day to take pictures. Was insane. Put more than 100 bass in the boat in less than 2 hours.
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    Yeah, as soon as the news girl saw it, it was on. I asked her if she had a tree she needed saved, and she told me, "a forest full." It was awesome and scary at the same time.
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    Trunk is done, rear deck and doors next.
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    Got a little chilly last night so I let the sheets sit in the sun this morning.
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    Looks like Ill be busy this weekend
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    Welp, spent some time today building and measuring crossovers. I think I built six different iterations in total, and took countless measurements of each one. Here are, I think, the top 3 contenders. The maroon so far looking best on paper for both FR and phase. I did spend a bit of time the past day or so listening to the first crossover I was able to build based on the parts that arrived (some of my inductors were on back order and just arrived today). Made me wonder why the hell I wasted so much time and effort trying to obtain good audio in a car when home audio sounds infinitely better with much less time and money invested, LOL. I really enjoyed how they sounded with that first crossover, and it didn't measure quite as well as these (well, maybe a little better than the purple xover...but I want to give that design a listen so I kept it in my "top 3"). So long story short there I think I'm ultimately going to be very happy with how these turn out regardless These measurements were done in-room, so ignore 300hz down. I'm also pretty suspect of the peak in the last octave from 10khz -20khz, but considering my age and past listening habits I'd be lucky if I can even hear most of that octave anyways. But regardless, all 3 xovers are within +/- 2db from 300hz on up, which is pretty good. Graph "looks" a little ragged but that's because we're zoomed in pretty close. If I zoomed out one or two clicks on the graph it'd "look" much more smooth. Reverse nulls aren't amazing, but I think they're sufficient (maybe a little less so on the purple trace but again, I just really want to listen to that one). Then I have the individual roll offs.
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    Thank you again for the hospitality and good time guys! Much love.
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    Surprise visit from Jared ftw!
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    High-beam is absurd: And the cut-off is legal
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    2019 headlight tech FTW! I swapped LED units from 2019-2020 Toyotas, driving at night is amazing now.
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    Im nowhere near done with the wiring, all equipment positioning is permanent but wiring will be tidied up more later in. Yes it was some money but getting rid of the noise was a huge plus. I haven't been able to enjoy my SSA amp in 9 months since I installed it because of the noise the Dayton DSP408 put out, my gains have been all the way down since day one. Yesterday was the first time I got to enjoy my front stage in its full glory. Too finally have some piece of mind was worth all the money. I literally bought 5 different rcas, rewired my head unit and amps, pulled out my sub and redid all ground wires. Took my dash apart countless times and center console where my rca's are ran etc. All that just to chase a noise that was consistent with 3 different units from Dayton in my car. Im not bashing them as I loved the Dayton and the learning experience of going full active. There are people who run the unit flawlessly and some who had the same problems as me. The wierd thing is there are people who have the same issues with the AC unit, the Helix unit and etc. So im guessing they are install dependent or vehicle dependent or all the above. I thought about the JL TWK88 but seen this unit was more factory integration friendly for future cars where radio's arent removable and I plan to upgrade my front stage amp to the 6 channel AC amplifier in the future.
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    The one in the fron tof the canoe with my wife is 9. Other 11. Hands are full now ... but considering what is going on in the world we are good.