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    Hey guys!! Been a minute......
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    I have tools to do most everything.
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    Fun story, we ended up with a 2019 Expedition Limited for a crazy low price ($30,000). I knew the cam phasers were probably wearing out, but at that price I could eat $4000 in repairs and still be ahead. 1 week later the check engine light comes on. Cam codes and cat converter. I take to the dealer (who had a 3 month 3K mile warranty on it). Turns out it needs the cam phasers and the catalytic converter replaced. Total price is about 5K. They are currently sending it down to there Ford dealer to perform the work. So it looks like it’s all going to work out. Only downside is I’m paying on a vehicle I can’t actually use at the moment.
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    TEchology has come so far in that field that you just can't go wrong with anything anymore. Your local auto parts store will have whatever you need in the name brand stuff, while there are also a ton of smaller online suppliers as well.
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    I finally got rid of all the rattles from both overhead consoles, bass sounds so much better. Now just tracking down the ones in the trunk since my subs are rear firing now.
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    After installating my new interior panels, I decided to protect them from the elements. I used JB Weld super glue to attach foam pads to the ends of my horn bodies.
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    You've inspired me to run dual mids. I kinda wanna put some big bass in too, but I'm old AF.
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    Agreed. It's not like any of them are paying for space.
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    I've got 5 vehicles from '87-'05 and all require nothing more than a yearly oil change. Just gotta pick the right vehicle.
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    Yes I would collapse it for sure, no point in keeping it the way it is if there is no recent content or traffic. Just my .02
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    It's hard to get good pictures with the trunk light because it's so damn bright, but in person it's perfect. The entire interior of the enclosure is covered in blue light. I'm glad I didnt pay for the LEDs I usually get installed in the enclosure because I never use them anyway. 20221104_115949.mp4
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    I will take some night shots one day soon, as much as I loved the white enclosure with the blue lights it stood out way too much at times. I didn't want it covered in bed liner again so I went back with the traditional carpet look and it came out fantastic.
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    This enclosure turned out bad ass, I even had my builder make a matching beauty board to keep the enclosure in place.
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    Some daytime pictures of the new voltmeter placement
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    This light is so bright it's hard to get decent pictures with them on but it came out dope
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    This is how it looks now after the work I did earlier, I'm happy with the outcome.
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    These next photos were before I put some work into the car because of my OCD, hated the excess wire I had goin into my DSP. So I untaped it and cut the three excess wires for a cleaner install. I also made the Sundown Salt-4k remote wire smaller since it the connectors on these Audio Control doesn't accept big gauge speaker wire well, especially with thick wire jackets.
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    We are potentially looking at a Navigator. Drove a 2019 and it is absolutely insane how nice and smooth they are.
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    New High Score, all sealed up. Salt amp stays cool after pushing on it real hard. Gained over a db with the swap alone and no tuning so far than with my Ampere Audio 3800.1. Box tuned low to 31hz as well, sub up and port back. I designed this box myself and had my last builder construct. I'm proud of myself but want more now.
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    The shop sent me out the door with the wiring management looking sub par and a too small fuse on the alternator (200a fuse for a 250ho alternator). I bought some ceramic fuses for my under hood distribution block and fixed the wire management because it was an eye sore even though the hood is closed 99.9% of the time
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    Insane for real and it still needs to be tuned and set up, just got done detailing the whole interior of the car. Sweated my ass off in this 95 degree plus night. Some pictures from earlier before I detailed her. When I get time and it dialed in, I'll post some videos of the front stage. I'm already planning on upgrading the subwoofer amp and maybe go to two beastly 12s. Need to meet up with my box builder and talk numbers. But the sub decision might not be till next year though. Stay tuned
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    Picked her up today, car is dusty as hell. Just took some quick pictures but I will get better ones in the daylight once the car has been detailed. So glad to see over 14.xx volts during hot days, start up is 15.0 volts. This Brand X Alt seems bad ass so far. Haven't really got on the bass or anything so can't comment on all that just yet.