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    DM1600.1 and ZC6000.1 just launched on the SSA Store.
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    And one month after I decide not to leave the country, poop hits the fan hours away from where I live. Fuck you Vladimir!
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    Man it's been quiet in here! I know I've asked this before, but I'm going to ask again and THEN go search. I'm looking for a scope for my rifle. I'm not a gun nut, and I know that I'm buying something that will probably last me the rest of my life (unless some crazy advance in technology comes out). I shoot 100-200 yds and value low light visibility. What's the recs?
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    Thanks. PERFECT use for my old XSI. I was going to give it away. If it fries, fuck it. Not supposed to work according to Canon but it does.
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    Gonna leave the V -dub emblem as-is?
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    Progress itself is the important part, not the level.
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    I appreciate your advice. Thank you!
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    Honestly test it out to see. Use some double sided tape or Velcro pads to place them in different locations. I like one location personally and that is on axis. I like my tweeters to be in my face, but I like pro audio as well so take my subjective input with a grain of salt haha. Aiming is also tweeter dependent, on axis can be harsh to some people. There are people who like their tweeters mounted next to their mids as well. Some tweeters perform better off axis than on axis and vice versa.
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    I still have to install the power and ground wires to the amp and it will be playing, I will do that in the AM. It looks so much better, damn it looks kinda menacing looking back at from the front seats.
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    My bad, so fresh and so clean.
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    Well….. the ex had access to my everything. She absolutely had my old email so she even had access to this site. Sean, Aaron, thank you for helping me change that. I have bo idea how long she may have been impersonating me. When I was 15-17 or sometime around then my ex was already moved out and I stayed with my ex wife Jenn for a while. She Dated my roomate Sean and then while he was at college she and I got together. I have no idea what she has done to Sean but I think he’s going to find out what she’s been doing behind the scenes soon. the point is, if I’ve ever reached out to you, know that my social security number, my decided mothers SS, and my health insurance and info is out there on the internet. Be careful all of you. The is the worst possible situation I think I could have stepped into. I hope she never targeted any of you, up until now I didn’t understand how recent and how sick she is/was.
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    I broke 140 dbs playing DJ Russticals - I'm the man, had my sunroof all the way open so that's a cheater score. With my sunroof closed the loudest I was at was 137 dbs, frequency changed by 1hz. All of this is with the gain low as I'm still breaking the subwoofer in. I love this little thing, it brought fun back to having bass and slamming, trying to guess your score or frequency. Hey Aaron can these be left in the car even when not in use or can certain weather temps cause issues? Thanks
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    I almost did at least twice but once I started I knew I couldn't turn back. When I say it took everything out of me, my mouth was dry as hell and one forearm was sore till the next day.
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    Once I carried the box downstairs and put it in the trunk I didn't even wire it up. I just closed the trunk and locked the doors. I'm wore out, sheesh.
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    $3-4K is a lot of money that can also go really quick if you don't have a plan. A few questions to help guide the process. Do you plan on doing the work yourself? Are you willing to learn the details of RMS vs peak power to help build a quality system Are you comfortable with removing panels off your car? Are you comfortable with tools in order to build a quality subwoofer box? If not, do you have a friend that has previously put together systems that would be willing to help? If not, you will probably need to find a reputable shop. Understandably, your $3-4K won't stretch as far due to the cost of labor. What are your real goals? Listen to high quality music? Impressive friends with a rattling trunk? Do you want to maintain trunk space? Reduce road noise to increase your music experience? Just be loud? Any reason why you specifically want 2 12's?
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    Took the day off to get this done, battery is finally mounted. Box is screwed down to car itself and wedged between foam spare tire holder and car's side panel, used a mallet to get this done. Looks damn good if I say so myself. Time to throw the sub enclosure in
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    Got some good presents in there!
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    I bought a toaster today .
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    Sanded off the paint and I also cut a channel in the foam lining of the spare tire support to allow the ground wires lay flat under the carpet.
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