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    I got a $600 tip today too!
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    Surprise visit from Jared ftw!
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    More fluffer photos! This time with the real camera
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    Trunk is done, rear deck and doors next.
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    Got a little chilly last night so I let the sheets sit in the sun this morning.
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    Looks like Ill be busy this weekend
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    I've had these speakers sitting around for *literally* a decade, finally decided to actually build them into something MTM using Exodus Anarchy and Seas 27TDFC. Enclosure is 2cuft tune to 35hz. They should dig down to 30hz with ease, so we'll see if I add a sub or not. The baffle will be removable so that I can easily access the crossover, reuse the enclosure with different speakers or reuse these speakers in a new enclosure. I had debated on active vs passive but I'd done active in a car for years. I've never designed passives from scratch since I didnt play too much in HA/HT, so it's an experience I'd like to try. I'm intrigued by the combination of art and science that goes into the design of a passive network. My audio skillz are a bit rusty, so the task is a bit daunting. But I'm relearning pretty quickly...I think? Every DIY project needs a name, right? Decided to call these 7empest. Why? Well, primarily because TOOL is the most badass fucking band ever. If you don't understand the reference GTFO my thread (no, seriously....go). It works because the Anarchys are 7" drivers, and what does a tempest cause? Anarchy. See. It works. My woodworking skills leave a lot to be desired. Right now as long as these are simply functional I'll be happy. Baffles turned out nice though About the only thing that's gone right so far. This is where we're currently at.
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    And, it's alive! I literally spent HOURS figuring out why I had no tweeter on the right channel. Finally came to discover that one of my jumper wires were bad It was incredibly frustrating trying to track down the issue, and I dont handle frustration well. Curse words were said (and muttered, yelled and spewed)
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    Thank you again for the hospitality and good time guys! Much love.
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    Things from the heart I love, material items not at all. Obviously a present could be both but societally it becomes an exercise in panick and compromise yielding pressure to give something that is material in place of something heartfelt. I have received gifts from people on here that are more personal and thoughtful than one could imagine. Those are awesome. So it isn't really I don't like gifts, but I don't like the idea that gifts are necessary on certain days. Out of the blue gifts that have meaning are always welcome and by far the best kind to give.
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    If you really want concise information for your area, look for white paper from either a Texas university or the fish And game. Will explain what soil types are best for what and what thrives in your area.
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    Hey grow guys, I'm looking to start an outdoor garden, but really don't have a clue. The wife put down 2 raised beds at our last place with a little success. The tomatillos breeding with the cherry tomato plant to make cherry tomatillos was pretty awesome, but completely accidental. I just want to have a source of information I can trust. I saw plans for some raised beds with under ground irrigation, which I thought was pretty damn cool. As with grass, I feel like I quickly get directed to some mega company that's like, "our super product will do everything!"
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    Trunk spare tire well is complete.
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    Agreed completey. Just wish I would have been myself. The past few weeks have sapped me so bad. I should have brought a tent...that would have helped as I could have relaxed better. Driving the big ugly home in doctored state isn't a good idea.
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    I’ve been like that a lot lately. Don’t even realize I need to bitch until I open my mouth and it just pours out.
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    Amp mounted to the box using neoprene vibration pads between amp and amp board. Also have some washer style vibration feet between the amp board and sub enclosure.
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    Ordered a nice Weatherby today. Gonna try my hand at sporting clays.
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    They still have a standard 12VDC charging system. The hybrid system is separate and self-contained. You won't have anything to worry about. Just pull the main fuse on the orange cables before working on anything.
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    I finally got around to removing those two pieces of electrical tape that covered the holes from Hyundai emblem.
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    Crazy how Hyundai made all of the lights LED but three of them, these vanity lights were the last ones needing to be swapped out.
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    Trunk light replaced with Festoon LED bulb from Diode Dynamics. Old bulb on the left in the second picture, new LED bulb on the right. I wanted a Blue LED but they were out of stock.