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    Slow. Everything I want is $70-80k...which is off by at least $20k. Roof almost got put on today though which will make it easier to move forward. No place to put it atm.
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    Just picked her up. Not great pics, but more will come. Going to take her to dinner with the fam now.
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    Morning donut run. Still needs a detail as it is as bought, but so far I am loving the car.
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    I bought these without listening to them
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    I know in the past some of you guys have enjoyed my work, so here's the coverage from last Saturday. https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/vigilant-mma-cq14/ J
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    I'm 80% done with the sound deadner, the trunk deck is next. I didn't do the under side yet because I don't feel like uninstalling the factory subwoofer till it blows or until my new Fi sub gets here. Doors will be next.
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    Some of the equipment from the previous build and wires since I always buy extra to have. Enclosure should be done either this week or next week and Im still waiting on the sub but no biggie until I get the trunk deadened.
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    Happy Father’s Day gentlemen.
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    Deadener should be here Friday. I doubt I'll get any work done since there is a car show in town this weekend but I want to do something. I will mount DSP and try to get the ground side of the Big 3 done sometime this week.
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    DM1600.1 and ZC6000.1 just launched on the SSA Store.
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    I'm going to spam some more work. If it's something you guys don't want links for in the H0P, let me know. The articles (unless noted), interview, and photos are from me. BKFC 19 Press Conference: https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/bkfc-press-conference/ Interview at the PC with Britain Hart and her new husband (and BKFC heavyweight champ): https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/nterview-with-the-bkfcs-britain-hart/ BKFC 19 Weigh Ins: https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/bkfc-19-the-weight-drops-the-tempers-rise/ BKFC 19 (article by my editor Travis; photos by me): https://www.rocketsports-ent.com/bkfc-strikes-again-in-tampa-as-ostovich-upsets-vanzant/ It was a solid three days too. Met some solid people at all three events. J
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    I always think it's worth interviewing. Sometimes you get to interviewing and you realize it's not at all what you think it is but way better. Sometimes it's just worth talking yourself up for a bit or getting some leverage on a current employer. I may post on a similar topic in the RTMS
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    Awesome. Has to be fun to see in person and even more so to shoot. Nice work!
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    Power wire being ran on the driver side, 2/0 welding cable.
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    Sound deadening is complete and the trunk is all buttoned up. Thanks to @Second Skin
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    I'm finished for the day. Just need to get the spare tire area finished and she will be done.
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    The right side is complete with deadner.
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    The left side is complete with deadner.
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    All shiny and clean after the denatured alcohol treatment.
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    Well at least decals are selling a bit better these days. J
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    I feel like I'm be asked by a woman if a dress makes her look fat.
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    Yes, because crypto is new, and there are all these fucking goobers thinking they are going to become overnight millionaires by yolo'ing their money on a shit coin. Its really dumb as they have no idea what they are doing, its pulling money away from coins / projects that actually has a use case. All the money that is in something like SHIB, should be in ADA or XLM for example. DOGE is interesting as it has gained enough hype and traction that it could become a stable currency.
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    Battery box install is complete; I knew these self tapping bolts would come in handy one day.