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    The new shit is just plain stupid to work on.
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    I don't see the point. If you're bumpin, people know, so hiding them does nothing. ON the tint thing, that's also a sign for thieves. Just like backing in tight to a building. I've actually heard them mention this stuff.
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    I bought a toaster today .
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    I really like the 2019 Toyota LED units I put into my stock headlights:
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    HOLY FUCK! Alaska died?!
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    I am not diving much into the meme / rocky coins. Mostly accumulating the big major projects that have real growth. ALGO and VET are two strong ones to get into cheaply and easily. SOL is a monster that is going to keep running.
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    I am seriously enjoying the S6. The motor is killer. Not super laggy but the turbos pull and pull
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    I think Matt's having a breakdown.