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    Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Due the last thread having serious loading issues and bogging down the server, we started this continuation of the original. Carry on....
  2. Mark LaFountain

    Email Flyer going out!

    If you didn't get it and want to read along, it's short and sweet.
  3. Software is getting a major upgrade in the next few days, the stock invision skin will be the defualt for a little bit while I work on a new one once the upgrade is complete. Please bare with us...
  4. Mark LaFountain

    Forum Upgrades.

    The forum just got a major software upgrade, you should find it's running faster, smoother etc... I have not updated the current skins or anything, so you will see alot of visual bugs until that is complete. Please bare with us during this time.
  5. The Wait is over. Just in time for our annual Black Friday SSALE. https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/evil/ When your sub bass goal is nothing but supreme, unrestrained performance without compromise, the choice is the SSA Evil. The capabilities of the SSA Evil put it in very exclusive company at the zenith of the marketplace. This is where you look first for the ultimate 'ground pounder' that will not miss or muddy a note. Crisp and clean across the entire frequency range for those demanding outstanding linear performance thanks to an FEA optimized motor. Employing a massive triple stack motor, five sandwiched 10" progressive Nomex spiders, an anodized vented Aluminum former, a huge 4-layer 4" flat wound Aluminum coil and a towering 'Venturi' solid pole, the SSA Evil has the muscle to handle almost anything you can throw at it. The SSA Evil is also a top pick for extreme level SPL and bass-boxing competitors alike, while still having the composure for the elite home audio projects. A versatile monster that will meet the most critical low frequency demands while achieving extreme output levels when called upon. Sonic performance so vicious, it had to be deemed Evil. #SSAEVIL #EVILSUBWOOFERS #EVILINSIDE #ARRIVELOUD #SSA https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/evil/
  6. BREAKING NEWS: 500 AMP GM TRUCK ALTERNATOR prototype has passed durability testing. This test was performed with a stator temp of 175 degrees F. Stay tuned! Production units should be available next week!! #mechman #500AMPALTERNATOR #madeinusa #chevytahoe http://www.Mechman.com
  7. A rendering of our new Mechman High Output Alternator packaging, we are now shipping our Alternators in. #PowerYourPassion http://www.Mechman.com
  8. Mark LaFountain


    welcome to SSA!!
  9. Mark LaFountain

    Dylan's "Brutal" 17 Chevy Cruze RS Hatch

    Super clean setup, nice work.
  10. Mark LaFountain

    Cleaned up the forum...

    Pruned all new members since 7/15, renewed our IBP license which should activate Spam prevention again, and deleted most of the spam topics I saw, should be a clean forum again. Enjoy.
  11. Mark LaFountain

    Cleaned up the forum...

    and it was lol, no problem.
  12. We threw 1,000w 25hz tone on the all new ZCON today to show off the suspension. Simply beautiful in slow motion. The all new 2019 ZCON 12" 2500W Subwoofer by SSA®! Built to order and now available for purchase. On sale now!! #ZCON #ArriveLoud https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/zcon/
  13. Check out the all new Demon 550W Subwoofers by SSA®!! Some slow motion excursion to show off the super effecient Demon suspension, while providing some amazing sound quality for your budget friendly projects. Featuring a 2.5" copper coil, Aluminum former, Aluminum Shorting ring, Solid pole, non-vented bumped back plate, Large single slug motor, Pressed pulp cone, Tall roll surround, Push terminals, Dual Nomex progressive spiders, Stitched tinsel leads, Large dome dustcap & more. #ArriveLoud https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/soundsolutionsaudio/demon/
  14. Mark LaFountain

    Dodge Pro Master 3500 Van Done Right

    must be a quieter ride for sure! Nice work.
  15. Mark LaFountain

    #SpringIntoSSAB Sale @ SSA

    Spring is finally here! #SpringIntoSSAB Sale is now in full effect, Save on SSA ZCON, GCON, & Demon Subwoofers, Evil1 & Evil65 Speakers and more! Now thru 5-20-2019! https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/springintobass-sale/
  16. Time for a website update. Fully mobile friendly, top notch product photos and a smoother layout. Introducing the all new www.SSAudio.com http://www.SSAudio.com #ArriveLoud
  17. Mark LaFountain

    The all new SSAudio.com products page

    Thank you!
  18. Get served with a face full of SPL justice by the honorable Incriminator Judge. #NewArrival #ArriveLoud #IncriminatorAudioJudge #AuthorizedDealer https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/incriminator-audio/judge/ Introducing the second generation of the Incriminator Audio Judge. The original Incriminator Audio Judge hit the SPL market with authority, quickly becoming the bench mark. All massive, all business, all-out is the only way the Judge knows how to go. As the premium, no compromise, ferrite motor SPL subwoofer from Incriminator, you know it is going to be a no holes barred beast. The sole purpose for the Judge is to be the top of the chancellor of bass when it comes to ferrite motor subs. Winning SPL competitions isn't the only focus, with the addition of shorting rings to the new motor design, the Judge is just tame enough to still be a big time daily driver that will disturb the peace for miles around, while still delivering clean bass. With onboard rear supplemental vents, dome shaped pole with six inner pole vents and our Air-Driven Cooling (ADC) this motor can even be used for daily applications, even though it was designed for competition SPL formats. For the new Judge, Incriminator is taking a page out of the excellent Death Penalty motor design, just taking it up a few levels. The new version of the Incriminator Judge has 20% more motor force than before for even more crazy amounts of cone control. In addition, there is improved cooling with the new motor design. To cap it off, the Judge gets a custom motor boot cover. You are forced to bring the muscle, as the new Judge is over 80 lbs. The Judge will continue to offer extreme SPL upgrade options, like the Extra Spider, Direct leads, and more. To hold all that power, the Judge returns an 8 layer, Flat Wound aluminum 3" coil as well as quad progressive spiders, and a high pressure Kraft Fiber reinforced cone. The Judge is taking no prisoners, just trophies. Don't show up in the lanes with a criminally lame SPL sub, as you will get served with a face full of SPL justice by honorable Incriminator Judge. Available in Dual 1 and Dual 2 standard as well a 12”, 15”, 18” and 21" models. Features: 8 Spoke Black Cast Basket 3" Reserve 8 Layer Flat Aluminum Voice Coil Quad Black Progressive Spiders with Dual Woven Tinsel Leads High Pressure Kraft Fiber Reinforced Cone Multi-Layer Foam Surround 10" 465 Oz Double Magnet Structure with Chrome Finish 1280 Oz / 80 Pound Motor Structure Interlocking Aluminum Spider Spacer Assembly CILD² - Center Interlocking Dustcap ADC - Air Driven Cooling Nickel Plated Push Terminals Wrap Around Rubber Gasket 3000 Watt RMS Rated DVC 1 ohm or 2 ohm Options: XS – Extra Spider RCC – Reserve Coil Change - Dual 0.35, Dual 0.50, Dual 1.0 DC – Direct Connect DU – Composite Dustcap - Black, Silver, Red, or Blue SH - Shredder Platform Upgrade - 12" Only https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/incriminator-audio/judge/
  19. Racing is Life. Our High Output Alternators are built to withstand the harshest conditions possible. Is yours?! Power Your Passion. http://www.Mechman.com
  20. Have you looked at the Incriminator Audio Death Row Series yet?! You are simply missing out if you haven't. With a 1500w RMS rating, the 3rd generation Death Row from Incriminator Audio. New for 2017, the DR has stepped the game up in the 1500 RMS subwoofer class. Building on the previous generation DR, this new model is the next step up in serious all-around performance. The all-new IA Death Row can work both ends of the spectrum, from the clean and composed daily driving sub with great clarity that can blend well with all kinds of music, to the mega output SPL installs with massive walls of subs. Firmly positioned smack in the middle of the Incriminator sub line up, the Death Row is the Swiss army knife of subs. As it is now an overbuilt design, there is no need to sweat hurting the Death Row. There has been improved cooling and a larger motor to all come together nicely for a stronger all around subwoofer. #AurhorizedDealer #IncriminatorAudio #ArriveLoud https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/subwoofers/incriminator-audio/death-row/ Features 8 Spoke Black Cast Basket 3" 4 Layer Flat Wound Aluminum Voice Coil Dual Black Progressive Spiders with Woven Tinsel Leads Injected Pulp Matrix Fiber Reinforced Cone Multi-Layer Foam Surround 8.26" 285 Oz Double Magnet Structure with Nickel Finish 688 Oz / 43 Pound Motor Structure 6mm Thick Aluminum Shorting Ring for Inductance Interlocking Aluminum Spider Spacer Assembly CILD² - Center Interlocking Dustcap ADC - Air Driven Cooling Nickel Plated Push Terminals Wrap Around Rubber Gasket 1500 Watt RMS Rated DVC 1 ohm or 2 ohm