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  1. I know the difference between dark and black, i am not color blind, but nice try though.
  2. Look at how black that coil is, that is a blown sub!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Skullz

    Scrap old subs for new, or double?

    Why not get a 2k amp to power those with instead of running two amps @ 2 ohm per amp, selling the older amps to help pay for the new power house. That's just my thought on what to do though.
  4. Skullz

    RIP BTL :(

    They'll retool and bring back the UFO. Keeping fingers crossed.
  5. Skullz


    Are you guys going to be getting something back in stock?
  6. Completely agree on the hertz but i am partially biased towards the brand myself. I have had quite a few sets over the years and the hertz have far exceeded any and all expectations. They are a set well worth what you pay for them even if you have to save a few extra weeks to get them you will be well rewarded for it
  7. Skullz


    When will the shirts and hoodies come back in stock or be available for sale again? I'm in need of some more shirts and would like to get a few to add to the collection. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  8. Best thing to do is chill, they'll get ya the sub when it is done. When ordering custom made to order subs it takes them time and if they get slammed it can take a bit longer but you can rest assured your getting some of the best out there.
  9. You can hit up a JY and snag a plug with a nice length of wire and splice into your harness matching wire for wire and should be fine, just make sure you seal the wires so they won't corrode.
  10. Skullz

    Midrange/Midbass enclosure help.

  11. JBL p660c are a 2 ohm speaker that should play louder than a 4 ohm one would but it i can't say your H/U would like running that low of a load. Best bet is a line converter and mini amp you can stuff under a front seat like the arc audio mini amp line.
  12. Skullz

    Sundown : Reference SQ Component Set

    Very interesting, tuned in for sure. EDIT: BTW is that an XBL motor as you said it will have double digit xmax?
  13. Skullz

    Random YouTubes