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    RLS motor

    I cant access the website for some reason to get a contact number. Im interested in purchasing a single RL-S motor. Please let me know contact info so I can give you guys a call.
  2. resko1

    3 questions for bass upgrade

    For starters. A bad arse sub in the wrong box will sound like arse! So think about this. If you could fit 1-18 or 2-12's in your trunk, which would you choose? Trick question, the 12's. Its more cone surface area. So you might wanna concider something like that as opposed to just one massive sub. I run 2-10's off 4.5k and can do 150 musically. I also love the wow factor when someones shirt is rippling and their hair is moving, then they see the subs and are dumbfounded! If you want to get loud and have some of the best SQ, search different drivers. Fi is decent, but there is better. Try TC/ Audiopulse or a RE XXX. But you can get just about any sub to sound "SQish" or to the level that your asking about, just by the adjusting the box. Look for something that would be an easy box build for a completely FLAT response. I have a DD3512 that people say is very peaky. Well after careful planning and a stupid, retarded box, it has about the flatest response ive achieved yet. And great Sq too. So just remember that SQ and SPL is mainly dependant on the enclosure, not the sub. Though company's my make it easier to do either/or with their technology.
  3. resko1

    pierce audio products WMD

    Post some pics! If PAP is unwilling to help with a re-cone, I'm sure Fi would be able to help you out. would love too. unfortunately i dont have a way to. I used to use my phone but one of my cats ate my card reader! Seriously! I actually contacted someone yesterday about replacement surrounds and i will be ordering them, but still doesn't help me with the "cutting" part. Need to find a way to make the edges of the cones less sharp. Also, everything BUT the surrounds is in perfect order. So I want to aviod the costly recone if i can. And very well built i might add. PAP makes awesome subs, i mean these 10's have over 3" of excursion and one can easily keep up with my DD3512 even at a lower ohm load, but the company itself is terrible!
  4. resko1

    pierce audio products WMD

    I wanna dig up an old thread here cause im kinda salty! I just bought 2 10" WMD2's practically new,from a friend, had them about a month and the surrounds are tearing right above the cone glue joint. I spoke with "a guy" in Chicago who supplied PAP the cone assemblies for these and according to him, the CF from the cone cuts into the back of the highroll surround, practically shredding it at high excursion. And like everyone said, PAP will do nothing about it, or even acknowledge the problem.
  5. resko1

    DD 3512 Box???

    ttt Anybody got any input on this?
  6. resko1

    DD 3512 Box???

    Ok. So I keep hearing different things from different people. Maybe some people over here have some decent advice since im not getting it else where. So I have a DD3512. DD recommends 2.5cu ft ported at 40 hz for their enclosure. Some of the local guys here who run DD say NO. that I need about 4cu ft ported about 36-38hz for one DD 12. Then another guy I was talking to online who tests TS parameters and sub on a daily basis says that the 3512 can play great in a box down to a cu ft. but is good in about 2-2.5cu ft ported at about 34hz. WTF?! All these dimensions contradict eachother and I know DD isnt a super woofer that can play in anything so someone help me out here. This is gonna be used in a 139.9 bassrace application and powered by roughly 2-2.2k at .75ohms. It is in a trunked car and I haven't decided if im gonna load to the cab or to the rear of the car yet. Anybody have experience with DD subs? I know with this sub and the power i have (sundown) I can easily hit 145db if properly done, because ive seen it! Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to look at the box to well or talk to the guy so im still stumped!
  7. resko1

    DD 3512 Box???

    Not necessarily. The key to winning a bassrace comp is to consistently average your objective db level( ex. 139.9) throughout 30 seconds on music. In order to do that your box has to play pretty flat within a certain range, or just play a song that doesn't vary with the tones. (no fun in that!) I will be using this as a daily on 1k, but when i go to compete i want to be able to strap in an extra battery and the 2000d and go to town! My goal is to have the sub play at a pretty flat response between say 30hz and 70/80hz but still have peak output and excursion. If you catch my drift, there is no ""SQL"" here in a sense but there can be a balance between flat response and peak output. SPL is not necessarily needed in bassrace since theres no limitations to the amount of woofers/amps/power. But I am challenged in the since that I can only run 1-12 or 2-10's because of space limitations, so I have to get max output but maintain a somewhat flat response. It would be stupid to try and stick an 18 that needs a 7cuft box in a trunk thats only about 6cuft. And DDs are known to be "peaky" which is why they are awesome SPL woofers. So im looking to trade off some of that SPL for flat frequency.