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  1. Electrodynamic

    Obsidian Audio 18's and the SMD DD-1 in Russia

    Nice video! I think I might pick up one of those DD-1's for the shop. PS: Thanks for the mention in your video. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy!
  2. Electrodynamic

    Obsidian audio?

    That's plenty of room for two 12's in a ported enclosure. I would contact DC Creations or RAM Designs about enclosure plans and/or building the enclosure for you.
  3. Electrodynamic

    Obsidian audio?

    I am fully aware of that. That's why I said what I said. However, it is what people don't understand which supplies the illusion of having those response curves inside of their car. Sure you can compare subwoofers to see which one will play lower in the same size box but again it is in a test chamber, not in real life. Actual responses in real life are anything but close to what WinISD shells out. The program is very good for determining port length in a vented enclosure though.
  4. Electrodynamic

    Obsidian audio?

    I hope you are not stating that the Obsidian woofers are designed by the same person who designed the Skar woofers because that is completely wrong. If you are listening to your woofers in an anechoic chamber then definitely look at the WinISD graphs. If you are not, however, add in a +12dB/octave gain at ~45 Hz and you will have an estimated in-car response.
  5. Electrodynamic

    Obsidian audio?

    And that's exactly what they were designed to do - operate over a very large bandwidth while sounding good and getting very loud if need be.
  6. Electrodynamic

    Paco's Truck On Music FTW -- 12x 12s and 3x 3500s

    Yes indeed. He puts up respectable numbers but the camera does not do this system any justice.
  7. Electrodynamic

    Refurbished SA-8s For Sale : New Thread September 2011

    Send it again and I'll keep an eye out for it. What is the email address you are using?
  8. Electrodynamic

    National MS Society Benefit Raffle

    I'm doing fine Ryan. (PS: Nice to see you around!) I wasn't really keen on the idea of opening this up to everyone but if it raises money to help out with MS I'm all for it.
  9. Electrodynamic

    Input on "big" obsidian setup?

    It looks like a solid box volume and tuning frequency. I don't know where the idea of X in^2 per ft^3 started but it is not a very good ideology to follow. If that were the case a single port for a single 12" driver in 3 ft^3 would be 36 in^2 for 12 in^2 per 1 ft^3 which is a 3x12" port...and good luck fitting it inside the enclosure due to the port length required. That's a huge port for a single 12"! Most drivers out there can't excite that huge port area, so that huge port is wasted for the most part. Simply stick with 12 in^2 to 18 in^2 per 12" driver and you will be fine. An adequate port for the Obsidian 15's is 30 in^2, or 90 in^3 for three 15's. The enclosure you have listed above is 165 in^2, or nearly double what you need. You can go with a huge port but your bandwidth/response will suffer as larger ports tend to peak higher than smaller/adequate, ports. Or if you had 9000+ watts and were interested in competing only, then the 165 in^2 has the possibility to put up a better score than a port that is 90 in^2. For instance, with 1500 watts of clamped power using a single 6" aero port (28 in^2) I managed 144 dB in my CRX legal on the dash sealed up using a single 15" Obsidian. Switching to the 8" aero port (50 in^2) and raising my tuning closer to the peak of the vehicle (mine peaks at 56 Hz) I managed a 145 with the same power. However, increasing the power to 3000 watts saw a peak score of 148 dB with the 8" port. If I didn't have the large 3000 watts of power the huge port was not very beneficial.
  10. Electrodynamic

    NeoPro-6.5, 8, and 10 Response Graphs

    Nice response curves.
  11. Electrodynamic

    New sub line up

  12. Electrodynamic


    Cool deal!
  13. Electrodynamic

    Older BM 12's

    I just replied to an email to someone about the same exact thing. Displacement is 0.1 cube.
  14. Electrodynamic

    Pics of new Mag and BM

    True. I need to host a pic of the surround on the cone to give you guys an idea about what it looks like.
  15. Electrodynamic

    Shredding Speakers