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  1. K2rush7

    new numbers

    i live 6 hours from nashville but my sister lives there so its ok
  2. K2rush7

    new numbers

    definetly going to finals this year
  3. K2rush7

    new numbers

    mines in 8 cubes right now probably go smaller tho
  4. K2rush7

    new numbers

    he is runin a crossfire spl 18 and i have it walled in an 04 cavalier havent metered the warden yet but it replaced a 21" old style dp that was doin 149.7's in the same wall on less power so hopefully score go up!
  5. K2rush7

    new numbers

    lol the 60 amps of fusing said m2 or s2 so and i'm barely getting bye on fusing at .33 on my 3500 for burps.... rumor is rob bruns teamate is doin a 153.7 on m2 fusing but we will see when he comes outtta the woodwork
  6. K2rush7

    new numbers

    looks like we are gunna have 2 warden 21/saz3500 set ups in meca's m2 this year?
  7. K2rush7

    Btl n3

    I runa a modified class so I can burp test tones
  8. K2rush7

    Btl n3

    Ne one know the release date on the btl n3's?
  9. I need to know how much it would cost for a redone kit for 2 dp's and 2 15" baskets but whenever I call ia no one ever answers ...ne one got a guess on this?
  10. K2rush7

    Btl n3

    Thanks for chiming i'n Scott just wondering because I currently have 2 gen 2 btl's and do compete i'n meca but is also a daily driver didn't know if I could expect any gains by upgrading to the n2 or not or if the n3 was absolutely to much motor for music because I love fi just want something comparable to a incriminator warden output wise...if you got be spider packages that can get it close to that output or ne thing else I would be completely happy to stick with fi!
  11. K2rush7

    Btl n3

    How much of a difference i'n output will there be i'n a n2 and a gen 2 btl ?
  12. K2rush7

    2 15" BTLs at 2ohms or 1ohm

    sundown 4500 but your gunna need a good electrical to back that beast up
  13. i might be there but it wont be in my car... sean i will be sellin all my equipment there too.lol
  14. K2rush7

    Drive By Testing!

    i'm with you sean i think paul is gunna be scratchin his head tryin to figure out how to beat that score...
  15. psi could probably do a recone if not contact scott or nick at ficaraudio.com and see if they can help you out if neither of them can help you out it is impossible... i would bet they probably can tho!
  16. K2rush7

    Some new Warden #'s

    nice numbers what kind of car and what kind of power where they seeing
  17. just thought i'd add a we need to figure this out sean seeing as i'm gunna be re-building the wall after the evansville show!!! i can be a test dummy lol
  18. K2rush7

    Question for competitors

    Fcbc Lol ed and Mindy suck btw but to the question at hand you can't sit in a car in meca if it is over 145 db and if you do up to that point you have to wear ear muffs
  19. nice job guys good seeing everyone again see you in evansville
  20. K2rush7

    Memphis area?

    there are a bunch of MECA events in TN just on the other side of the state you should also look at KY shows because there are also a lot of them and they are close too
  21. K2rush7

    enclousure for btl 12

    Go with either 32 or 36 btl's love either I would lean towards 36 if you are planning on competing some
  22. Sorry Sean didn't mean to ignore you I moved up to m3 tho
  23. jeremy i think me and kalin will be there maybe chris dependin on how the build goes this weekend
  24. K2rush7

    help with deciding on dual 1's or dual 2's

    i talked to scott last week... get three dual 2's there actuall load will be .93