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  1. VarinaBassing

    what hertz is best for my truck??

    People do tons of testing to find the proper tuning to score high numbers. I know you will need to tune higher looking in the 40s maybe start at 40 even and work up its a try and try again kinda thing also firing direction will help along with proper sound deading lots and lots of things to try and change
  2. VarinaBassing

    Jl 12w6V2

    thats what i was worried about but three is so much area i dont want them to go nuts or sound peaky looking for a relative flat curve dont you get this with less port area ?
  3. VarinaBassing

    Jl 12w6V2

    site says 16.5mm one way or .65in one way
  4. VarinaBassing

    Jl 12w6V2

    anyone have experience with these looking for how they react to port area do they like a lot or little ? i was thinking about running 2 of them in 2cube each box tuned to 34 or 33 htz with 2 4 in flared ports but using the aero ports 4in its either 2 which is like 6.25port area per cube or 3 which is 9.30 port area per cube Any advice will be welcome thanks reggie
  5. VarinaBassing

    Sundown SA Series "WIN" Thread !

    I love my four 10s they are moving so much air I a now a sundown customer for life
  6. VarinaBassing

    2007 hyundai elantra

    I thik with the big three your probably pretty good not sure size of her alt or battery but most are fine under like 1500watts
  7. VarinaBassing

    JL 8w0

    I found some JL 8w0 subs for 50$$ Worth it ?? They decent subs ? I looking for some cheapys for my mothers car she wants a little thump lol
  8. VarinaBassing

    Buzzing through speakers

    take a new wire and add the ground to each device one at a time til the noise is gone this might let you know which ground is bad
  9. VarinaBassing

    New box builder

    Thanks this was the answer i was looking for... Sorry for the constant bumps
  10. VarinaBassing

    New box builder

    nap before night shift bump
  11. VarinaBassing

    New box builder

  12. VarinaBassing

    New box builder

    Ok i ownload tat calculator and is helping but how long do i makethe board in the back is there a way to tell ?
  13. VarinaBassing

    New box builder

    does anyone have a good calculator for box volume and port
  14. VarinaBassing

    New box builder

    does anyone have a good calculator for box volume and port
  15. VarinaBassing

    New box builder

    i never done a truck box but i read subs up port up helps to be louder. I havent measured i have a lot of room about 24 in high 48 wide and 20 deep if i need it