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  1. deernet

    Daisy Chaining Multi-Channel Amps

    The pass through signal isn't crossed over. It is the same signal that is received from the input.
  2. deernet

    install finished

    lol try and put a system in the back of a van..... see how loud you are then. I am pretty sure if I put the same system in the POS you drive, it'd break the car while do 55's lol. And we all know your lying man, just chill out. I'm not going to say your lying, although I think that you probably are. I just find it odd that you supposedly work in a car audio shop: Best way to learn how to install your own car audio - SSA Car Audio Forum Yet, you don't know what to do with a new sub: screw holes in fi bl blocked with foam?? - SSA Car Audio Forum Something doesn't seem right here...
  3. deernet

    95 Eclipse Father/Son Project

    This thing is epic! Your son is lucky to have a father that is so into car audio and so eager to help to create something unique and custom. Great job!
  4. Clothes off by Gym Class Heroes? I couldn't pick out many of the lyrics, but a lot of times, you can do a google search and type in "lyrics: "random lyrics from song"" and usually find good results.
  5. deernet

    My Nissan Frontier Build

    Hey Einstein, 2/4 is a 1/2! You need to check and see if the 3rd grade will take you back! Maybe then, you'll have a chance not sound like a derelict when you attempt to write. Not cool dude, this forum is for constructive comments and suggestions, not trying to tear someone down over a typo.
  6. I'm betting that any performance loss you get from running a second alternator won't be noticeable. I would have done it on my truck if I was able to fit two alternators. As I said before, you also get the benefit of being able to use your system with the truck not running, and not having to worry about draining your starting battery.
  7. What kind of vehicle? Maybe you could get a bracket made to run two alternators and keep your stock electrical separate. Then you could run 16v with no problems.
  8. Alright. I'll get the 270 amp alternator from DC Power and take it from there. Thanks for the help Something else you might consider is seeing if you can find a dual alternator bracket for your truck. Then you could keep the stock alternator running the stock electrical and run the DC Power to a second battery and run your system from that. That way, you have no chance of accidentally draining your starting battery.
  9. Agreed. Read the manual and see if the internal amplifier can be turned off. I had the same problem with an Alpine HU one time.
  10. is 15v safe on the cars electrical or a bad idea? Probably a bad idea. I would try to stay below 14. It would suck to fry your ECU.
  11. I would LOVE to get one of the original ones.
  12. deernet

    Just out of curiosity...

    Lolz, everyone's an idiot, and your the one that can't spell. Infinite is the opposite of finite, meaning having a beginning and end.
  13. deernet

    Album 1

  14. deernet

    How much difference between 1 ohm vs. 2 ohm loads?

    That's dependent on the amplifier. ..Ok lets get more specific "MAJORITY" of amps put out more at lower ohms. Lol, okay question is do SAZ-1500D's put out more at lower ohms? And can 12" XCON's D2's handle the output? If you'd do a little research, you could answer all your own questions, and probably feel better about doing it. Here is a little something to get you started: Sundown Audio - SAZ-1500D Sound Solutions Audio - XCON Series Subwoofers