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  1. splguy1989

    Sundown May Sale pricing

    im really debating getting into my money in bank and grabbing one saz 3500, and run 2 DD 3515s...... if you dont mind me asking, what is the normal price if i order after may? jw
  2. splguy1989

    good 6.5 components for 200 or less

    for front and rear doors, i want to boom while i have some good sound
  3. im looking for some nice componets for my jimmy, stock speakers i gotta have the bass almost off to hear them. i have a powerbass asa600.4 100rms x 4 @ 4ohm, i want 2 sets and no more than 400 total budjet. i was looking into these. if not these let me know alpine type r 6.5 comps rockford T1 6.5 comps
  4. thats why my prd1000 lasted me forever, then i sold it. it never even got warm, and it felt like it was underrted too, i used to have 2 L5 12's and one saw smoke, both hooked up at 1ohm. even though i own sundown now im not gonna say memphis is bad, they still make great amps IMHP
  5. is that a tricky question lol? memphis does NOT compare with sundown at low voltage. and i mean by power and by burning up. i do like memphis but their low voltage protection is not very good. i saw 1 run off a battery (not mine lol) it cut off once and i told my buddy to turn it off, he didnt listen, well we smelled something burning i knew what it was, and it burnt some mosfets i tried to warn him the first time it cutt off, but it shouldve stayed in protection though
  6. splguy1989


    thats what i use my gain nob for, 6db bass boost is ok
  7. splguy1989


    i had the EXACT same problem. i kept thinking it was different things because everytime i did some thing like big 3, better ground it lastet longer without protect but still ended up going. i talked to jacob and FIXED it. the amp is entering clipping protection. 1. if your bass boost was all up like mine, turn it to half way. 2. set your gain slightly less than half. like 3/8. believe me you will still see nasty power with the settings like that and at HIGH volumes it will not cut off. it will still push my cvr 15s enough for my coils to smell with settings like that lol
  8. splguy1989

    picking an amp

    agreed also, best QUALITY power for price
  9. splguy1989

    4 12's vs 2 15's spl wise

    i got to thinkin also.... what about 2 DD3515s vs the 4 sa 12's, both being in proper ported boxes, and same power 2 sae 1200dv2s 2 DD3515s > 4 sa 12s or 4 sa 12s > 2 DD3515s
  10. splguy1989

    4 12's vs 2 15's spl wise

    actually i think im pretty sure now, the 4 sa 12s, im just waiting till there in stock again lol i saw a similar setup on THE tube, 4 sa 12s in a jeep subs up port back and it looked damn loud
  11. splguy1989

    read these comments lol

    the point is that i wasnt even braggin on my cvr bein that loud, even though it will cut the air outta ya, the cvr's is something i got for 245 shipped a new pair on ebay, so i thought to myself i can do some testing out, for the money they are damn sure not bad, they are actually louder than my l7 12's i had. also depending on box, power, vehicle theres all different things you need to do to be a "good install" an examle for that, my buddie ted has 2 l7 15's in a 2003 tahoe, ported at 40hz with 2 memphis pr1s and his is not loud as mine for sure, but i know its because he has a bigger inside area than my small jimmy, also the sound shop that built his box, made it with only 60in of port with 9 net cubes lol, 3 x 20 port, its still pretty loud not as loud as my setup my box is 8cu after with 114 in port area, i know what your saying about some cheaper subs can get as loud as the more exspensive though, my cvrs are just temp lol
  12. splguy1989

    4 DP21 Wall Build

    nice equipment bro
  13. splguy1989

    read these comments lol

    Don't base anything about an amplifier's capabilities on the "tests" you see on the forum. They are irrelevant and essentially useless. Oh, and LOL at trying to have an argument in youtube's comments. well id personally never own PA, saw tp many of their dead amps
  14. splguy1989

    read these comments lol

    lol im not even gonna argue about that, last thing though, i BET that sundown will last 10x longer than the power acoustic, and comparing cvr's to mofos, in spl terms lets some mofos stand up to same amount of l7's and that will be fair, but i can GUARANTEE you the mofos wont keep up with the l7's. but as for me that being a temp setup lol, ill be getting 4 sundown sa 12's and another sae 1200d yes some QUALITY stuff
  15. splguy1989

    read these comments lol

    "Power Acoustik has a few amps that walk all over your amp for the price in terms of power" and that remark, the biggest power acoustic amp i have seen was all the 5500s, that SAYS 3200 rms @ 1ohm, well i saw a bench test a while back someone did and it was 17.somethin, and i have saw the sae 1200d benched from sundown theirselves @ 2022 rms @ 14v, and yes ill post both of those when i find em BTW im not gonna argue about power acoustik vs sundown, or power acoustik vs kicker, i know and sure other ppl here knows whats better http://www.db-r.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1219867818