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  1. Hi guys. I have a sundown audio sa-10 that has a small Rip on the foam and would like to know if it's repairable.Picture
  2. Is there someone out there who can help me with a custom enclosure design with a single 10 inch jl audio 10w6v3. The enclosure i am looking for would need to be 1 cubic foot with aero ports tune at 35hz. As far as space i have to work with i draw a simple image of what the space i have to work with.
  3. i see well thanks for the input
  4. sorry hear about your problem man.
  5. is dc creations no longer around. looks like there's no active post on there.
  6. damm that sucks that orion 250r sure would be a nice amp to have.
  7. well i haven't really look for any yet i'm just trying to find out how much are they worth used before i go buying any. i figure $300 for a pair in brand new shape would be good as long as there not beat to crap. but i wanted to see what some of you might think be a good price.
  8. as the topic say's how much would you pay for a used pair of sundown audio sa-8 v2 subs.
  9. looking to free up some space in my nissan 350z so i'll be replace the box i built for my single sundown audio sa-10 with a stealth box. now before i do this i was wanting to know if this box will work great with my sub tune at 33-35hz instead of 39hz. The box i have now is a 1.095 cubic feet vented box tune at 35hz with the sub facing up and vent facing forward. h**p://www.ebay.com/itm/350Z-Ported-Vented-Sub-Box-Subwoofer-Enclosure-Plexiglass-Amp-Rack-39hz-/261676372251?hash=item3ced20911b&vxp=mtr
  10. I have a sundown audio sa-10 hook up to a jl audio 1000.1 amp. Do you know where be a good start to set my frequency and slope on my deck.
  11. I have a pair of kenwood kfc-p709ps component speakers and need help with the cross over settings. The head unit i have is a eclipse cd5030 and the amp I am running the component speakers on is a jl audio 300/2v1.
  12. would you think the hertz dsk 165 and the alpine spr-60c be a mid level component set's. they are the only 2 i have heard so fare i am just not sure which one's to get. i don't like my music screaming in my ear's i would prefer more mellow instead of high pitch screaming sound.
  13. yeah that is where i got my jbl tweeters from when i had my suv i just pulled them out when i sold it. i plan on going online and order me some hertz hi energy component's i just wanted to see if i replace my factory tweeters with the jbl tweeters i have if that would help with my problem.
  14. I added a sa-10 in my nissan 350z and i notice i am having trouble hearing the music a little in my car with the sub turn all the way up. So i had to back down on the gain some tell the music sound better. now i am running stock component set's in my door's which i understand is the cause of my problem. My question is if i were to replace the tweeters with lets say some really nice jbl tweeter's i have would this help with my music tell i save up some money for better component set's.
  15. The deal is anytime i listen to the music in my car at low volume my sub woofer will some times not play as loud as it should at the volume my head-unit is set at. but when i turn the volume on the head-unit up half way it will start playing like it should at that volume. head-unit - eclipse cd5030 amp - jl audio 300/2 v1 sub - sundown audio sa-10