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    2000 ford focus zx3
  1. i was thinking around 5-7
  2. it not that i have to ask i just want to make sure
  3. will i need for 8 Crescendo Audio BC3500? thanks
  4. splzx3

    14k qustion

    no im not saying that do u know about 14 volts system? it need 16.5-16.8 volts to charge them. so plz if u dont have anything to say that will help me plz dont post...thanks
  5. splzx3

    14k qustion

    i wanted to know it the 12 volt one can be ran on a 14 volt system with no problems or would i need to get the 18 volt one thanks
  6. splzx3

    spl zx3 build log

    sorry my ex got my 2 spell it like that
  7. splzx3

    Tucson AZ MECA Show 6/6/10 Highlights.

    here is the video i got of the civic inside the civic
  8. splzx3

    spl zx3 build log

    thanks any one want 2 see video go to my youtube page just look under 01zx3
  9. splzx3

    spl zx3 build log

    i just just watch that lol that show was bad ass and thanks for the demo
  10. splzx3

    spl zx3 build log

    so when 2 my first meca spl show here are my lt meter runs (note this was my first tym doing this way) run #1 run #2 run #3 i took 3th in my class (street 4) sorry for all the posting this is off *****.com and i wanted 2 bring it over here
  11. splzx3

    spl zx3 build log

    ok i started doing my door pods this was the idea 2 start with then when 2 this old tee 2 wrap it how it sit with it hanging on the door started 2 coat it with my new fav top xD still need 2 sand then put bondo (spelling) on it speaker grill or no (the grill will be painted 2 match the inside of the car)
  12. splzx3

    spl zx3 build log

    so i got some pics of the rim be4 and after a bath i changed it up (i think it looks better this way) got some tail light tint 2 be4 after 2 coats some tym after drying note the tdh xD
  13. splzx3

    spl zx3 build log

    im done working on the system for now so i started 2 paint my rims this is be4 i cleaned them i did not get any pic of them cleaned (sorry) here is them taped off and the first coat of white put the rim back on (dont need 2 piont out the paint...i know) the new and old :yahoo: some pic of the rim