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  1. levee000

    Levee000's Yukon Build

    Its fully repaired an driving. Alt shoukd hopefully ship this week. Have a show this up comin weekend i wanna attend
  2. levee000

    Levee000's Yukon Build

    Havent done any changes yet. Yukon was wrecked a day after xmas. But not totalled. Mechman 370 is on the way to fix voltage.
  3. levee000

    Levee000's Yukon Build

    I plan on another amp yes for the subs. Need better electrical first lol. Mids Def need more power but they do hang off headunit power.
  4. levee000

    Levee000's Yukon Build

    Stock tweeters for now. No its daily musical build I wired low to account for rise. On stock electrical I drop to 11.5 but that's when charging at 12.7 stock alt is computer controlled.
  5. levee000

    Levee000's Yukon Build

  6. levee000

    Levee000's Yukon Build

  7. levee000

    Levee000's Yukon Build

    2008 GMC Yukon JVC arsenal 4v Headunit SSA 6.5 EVIL mids in front doors Soundqubed deadener in front doors Second Skin speaker tweakers SMD dual ANL fuse holder SSA EVIL 18"s D2--(2) Ampere Audio 3800 @ .5 ohm SKY HIGH wire throughout- 2 runs of 1/0 cca 1/0 OFC grounds and from battery to amp 4g ofc on subs an to amplifier SHCA 1/0 inputs an 4g to 8g inputs ILL CUSTOMZ battery terminals an 1/0 inputs XS XP3000 battery Knuconzepts RCAs enclosure is 12 cubes before bracing an sub disp tuned to 29hz
  8. levee000

    A Suburban A Warhorse and a pair of Double Dees

    U gonna be at Heatwave in Austin next weekend??? Love the build man
  9. levee000

    What's wrong with this website???

    thanks an i jus found that after postin lol should've waited 2min before postin
  10. levee000

    What's wrong with this website???

    off topic but how do i change the skin on this forum?
  11. levee000

    What's wrong with this website???

    If u cant read ur PM's because of the ads do as previously said go to tools then add ons an search for ad blocker plus.
  12. levee000

    My little system

    03 Kia Spectra 2-12" Obsidian Audio woofers Crescendo bc2000d 3.2 cubes tuned to 34hz
  13. Just saw this post. If you still need some decals, PM me your address and I will get you a couple pronto. PM ur way an Man i love my BC2000d so beefy an makes my AP1500d look like a little biotch lol
  14. levee000

    (2) Sundown SA-10D4's and Crescendo BC2000D

    I just got a BC2000D this week an im impressed on the quality of the amp but sellin it already havent even used it
  15. levee000

    Sound deadening on a budget?

    Audio Technix same as second skin damplifier but cheapier