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    Welcome. Enjoy the stay and feel free to drop in the IHOP for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert.
  2. Phatillusion

    wats happenin

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  4. Phatillusion


    I didn't catch chit yesterday either. Too windy/rough.
  5. Phatillusion


    haven't watched it yet, gotta wait till it airs on hbo west. Had to work late tonight
  6. Phatillusion

    First Loss

    We improved to 6-1 with a 26-20 victory.
  7. Phatillusion


    Once in a while you can see them tailing out in shallow water. If you can cast good enough, you can usually snag a few.
  8. Phatillusion


    Going fishing early in the morning. Hopefully I bring back a nice pic of some snook or redfish
  9. Phatillusion

    First Loss

    I prefer to use positive reinforcement. Anyhow we ended up winning the game 13-7.
  10. Phatillusion

    First Loss

    Game time in one hour. Only a few kids showed up to practice on Sunday, so those kids are going to get to pick where they want to play in the field and where they bat in the lineup.
  11. Phatillusion


    I think it's about a 4 ft rod. He caught a blow fish on it once.
  12. Phatillusion


    Lol, my kid has a batman rod. Batman>Donald Duck.
  13. Phatillusion


    Artie Bucco? ahaha... he's a pussy... nG <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lol @ Artie being a smartass with Tony. Then the comment he made to Benny. He's going to say/do something to get whacked if he already hasn't.
  14. Phatillusion

    The water is 80*

    Just an average pool. When I buy my 2nd house I am going to get a nice pool w/ a jacuzzi FTW.
  15. Phatillusion

    Welcome to the IHoP

    don't remind me of the homework thing. I'll have plenty of that once I start summer classes.