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  1. bubblyjock

    Should I upgrade?..

    If you end up going the BTL route don't go about cranking the gains on the Sundown just because the BTL can take more power than the SSD. I am sure you knew that I just figured I would throw it out there. In terms of it being louder to the ear, I don't think you will notice it until you up the power. I went from a DC Level 3 15" to a DC XL 15" on the same amp for a while and if anything the XL sounded a tad big quiet, due to the fact it was barely moving on a 1000 watts.
  2. bubblyjock

    DC 15" XL in a Pontiac G8

    I built it so it could be flipped but having it this way gives me the best sound in the car which is what I want. The factory system had two 8's in the rear deck for the lows and I took them out. With the Sub up and port up I get the most sound coming through that area and having it faced to the rear sounded mudded, I could face it forward and lower the rear seats but then I couldn't have too many passengers. So I feel as this being the best of both worlds, just need to deal with the rattle on the outside of the car somehow.
  3. bubblyjock

    DC 15" XL in a Pontiac G8

    Still waiting for my SecondSkin to arrive to to get rid of most of the rattles.
  4. bubblyjock

    DC 15" XL in a Pontiac G8

    Hey guys I know this doesn't compare to almost all the system videos here but I figured I would show it. Its a DC XL 15" off a Sundown Saz-1500d in my 08' Pontiac G8 Gt, I made the box to 3.5 cubes and its approximate tune is between 35-37. I took this video basically after everything was hooked up so it is really messy so I apologize for that, I just really wanted to hear some tunes. I hope I don't get bashed for the Sub up-port up configuration of the box but with my previous box and sub this gave me the best sound inside the car. So now on with the video of my baby system.
  5. I bought a saz-1500d from Stefan, I sent payment at night and he shipped out the next day. Got it super quick and it was perfect, works great, really pounds. Thanks Again!!!
  6. I have an ap1500d that I might want to part with on the cheap!!
  7. bubblyjock

    Is something wrong with 15 ssd?

    I am not saying you sold it to him that way but from what my ears are telling me is that's the same noise my SSD was making. I know I missed it the first check of my sub, just don't want him ripping everything apart if its something simple.
  8. bubblyjock

    Is something wrong with 15 ssd?

    I am pretty sure it is your dust cap. It sounds like it separated from the cone and is rattling. I had the same noise on a 12" ssd.
  9. bubblyjock

    Introduction and Pre-Order

    I am guessing Wyoming is a little ways from where you are located. I guess this is what I get from a car that is made in Australia!!
  10. bubblyjock

    Introduction and Pre-Order

    The 6.0 L76 is in my Pontiac G8 and I have been told alternator mounting is different, if it helps I have been told it is has the same mounting as a LS2 out of a Corvette.
  11. bubblyjock

    Introduction and Pre-Order

    Any idea if this bracket would work in the 6.0L L76?
  12. bubblyjock

    CR-V Excellent Seller!!!

    I sent Christopher (CR-V) money on the 15th and the sub was here on the 21st!! Everything was how he said it was brand new in the box. Man can I say this thing is huge!!! It is a DC Level 4XL 15", and it makes my 12" Fi SSD look like a baby. Again thanks CR-V!!!!
  13. bubblyjock

    Trippi Congo H2 Build

    Works at a Funeral Home!
  14. bubblyjock

    Now Playing!

    Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars
  15. bubblyjock

    48x SA-10s Build

    Dammit, note to self don't go sit down for dinner after looking at this thread, your fiancée will wonder why you have an erection after leaving the computer!!