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    need advice on buying a home theather system

    Here is a project that may interest you, http://www.parts-express.com/projectshowca...project=phantom. Also check out these http://www.madisound.com/catalog/product_i...roducts_id=8525. You could use either of those as a 2 channel system, and buy a pre-made sub to fill out the bottom end. Then start working on some nice towers...
  2. Ga foo 88

    IXL 10's

    So for people who want to port 2 ixl 10s in trucks or cars with tight spaces, would aiming for 1.5 ported and like 2.2 cubes overall be ridiculous? I was hoping to do some fiberglass under my back seats in my ram and squeeze 2 in there.
  3. Ga foo 88

    Joel's Chevy Truck Build

    It would be cool to see a 2.5 way active with the Mach 5 mids. I like how he drew up a passive x-over for others to follow if they wish. This looks like a very interesting build, glad i saw this.
  4. Ga foo 88

    Spec sheet for poly's/carbon

    do the new ones even exist?
  5. Ga foo 88

    Mach 5 Audio IXL-12.2.2 HT

    At first I thought they were TLs then i saw the port, lol. Boxes look really nice, and the sonotubes do look appealing, if you wana try a TL then go for it and if it doesn't work make a little cut, seal one end and add a port.
  6. Ga foo 88

    SPL-15's, IXL's Finally In!!

    The 12's got a sexy boob.
  7. Ga foo 88

    loud subs?

    Basically look at this way. This is for the average daily driver keep in mind. Whatever money you'll be spending on subs, amps, speakers, etc.. look to spend an almost equal amount of cash on install materials such as deadener, proper wiring, electrical upgrades, tools to do installs, etc. Around most forums you have to ask very specific questions in order to receive a worthwhile response. Why don't you have a look around the individual companies specific forums on this site as they are all pretty well respected.
  8. Ga foo 88


    My bet is that the sundown 2000d would be similar to the IA 20.1, but thats just an assumption.
  9. Ga foo 88

    Tips for building good boxes

    How does port area figure into that, as far as when is a port area too large and how do you tell? like for purposes of daily boxes and pure spl boxes?
  10. Ga foo 88

    Full Range Home Audio Project

    The supra baffles would look nice on those, especially since the fr125s are so sexy anyways. Hows the sub blend with the BIBs?
  11. Ga foo 88

    Trying to decide between AA Havoc and Fi Q

    I thought the havocs were essentially a Q with a power upgrade, i could be wrong though.
  12. Ga foo 88

    Yes. another AA Poly (carbon thread)

    Do you know the recommended x-over point for a 2-way, for people with active set ups. Im assuming its similar to the old ones?
  13. Ga foo 88

    Mach5Audio MLI-65

    seas neo's (27 series) , peerless hds, lpg's, check out www.madisound.com
  14. Ga foo 88

    A few subwoofer questions..

    If i had 12 foot ceilings id have a sonotube tl, if i were only smart enough to model one up.
  15. Ga foo 88

    MLI Bookshelfs

    Very interesting. Im guessing you could un flold it a little bit to make it a floor standing design and retain the tuning frequency? Im eagerly awaiting to see what you've come up with for the x-over... Also how does having two woofers affect the line length, if at all?