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    No, I meant that I'm going to be picking One 15" out of the D2, XXX, A, or Brahma. Just one, I wish I could fit four.
  2. KayGee


    I'd love to see this as I'm planning on buying one of these four 15's soon. Can't wait to see the results
  3. KayGee

    Magnum Box help

    Thanks for all your help, can't wait until I get some magnums
  4. KayGee

    Magnum Box help

    I don't have amgnums yet, but I'm planning to get them soon. But I'm going to start planning and building the box. I want a ported box for 2, tuned to between 28-30. My max outside dimensions are 15.5h X 19d X 35w. How long and wide should the port be? thanks for the help