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    Crescendo Audio Back Order?

    Does anyone have any info pertaining to crescendo's backorder? I know people have been waiting several months to get their equipment with no ETA on when they will receive it (including myself). I've been checking the website and the SSA site to get updates and it seems that every time there's been an ETA date posted, it just gets pushed back another month after the date is reached.. I heard crescendo is having some issues in-house... this has me worried, as I have spent over 1k on equipment I haven't received yet. Any info on this would be great, if anyone knows anything. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hedgeman13

    Crescendo Audio Back Order?

    Not yet. I figured someone from SSA forum would be going through the same thing and would know; this would save me from bothering Crescendo. If all else fails I'll be contacting them and posting the info here, since there hasn't been anything posted online that I can find.
  3. Hedgeman13

    I need some help

    Thanks buddy! I really appreciate that! You will see me buying from you again sir!
  4. Hedgeman13

    I need some help

    Order #3302 Hello, I can't find a phone number to call... I left a "contact" message through your website but I figured you guys would probably be watching this forum more frequently. I purchased a 50 foot spool of 0ga XSFlex wire. I received my package today and it contained 50 feet of 0ga XPFlex wire. It cost me more than that wire is worth to ship it and pay duties on it. I have purchased an 18" mayhem off you guys before and had no issues. If you have a phone number I could call I would be glad to talk to you. Thanks, Alex H.