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  1. txhouse

    Comparison Pics?

    Its not the basket, its the motor width and at what depth that has me wondering because it doesn't start tapering down until about 4 inches of depth so I wanted to make sure the motor would not hit.
  2. Call me clueless because I had no idea. Could you PM me a price on the 1de and the 2de? Thanks.
  3. Ok, has anyone used them and knows if they are good as far as being a good daily subwoofer amp or are they strictly for competitions? Also I believe sonic electronix is an authorized distributor for them, can someone clarify for me?
  4. txhouse

    Comparison Pics?

    Does anyone have comparison pics of their 10 or 12 inch Fi SSd or Q next to other competitors subwoofers. I am particularly interested in they are next to something from JL, TREO, or Alpine. I am trying to find out if these subwoofers would fit in my particular situation. I am building a fiberglass box that will have the airspace and the depth to it that is needed but it will have to be tapered down at the bottom to fit under the seat of my 2010 dodge ram crew cab so I am trying to find out if these subs would work. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. How are they as far as doing rated power and being musical or are they just a ground pounder amp. I am particularly looking at the VLX 1de and 2de. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.
  6. I am getting a set of Focal 165KRX2 components and I need am amp to power them. I am looking at the Mosconi ONE 120.2, AS 100.2, the TREO SSX100.2 or the JL audio 300/2v2. Which amp do you think would work the best for these components? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. txhouse

    Treo SSx Components

    I am looking at these Treo SSx series components and am wanting to know if anyone has heard them or knows anything about them? I am curious as to how that dual tweeter design sounds and what the price of these things are. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. My last truck was an 07 sport trac and I have a JL 8w3v3 in a custom ported enclosure under the rear seat and it sounded really good for what it was. It didn't rattle your teeth but it accented my mids and highs perfectly.
  9. txhouse

    HSK165XL vs. Focal 165KR or 165v30

    Thanks for the replys guys. I will be using one of these speakers with either a hertz EP2X or audison (srx probably) amp. So there will be plenty of power to feed these speakers and dual layers of sound deadening. I will leave the rear doors stock and using two ten inch treo TE's under the rear seat of my truck.
  10. txhouse

    HSK165XL vs. Focal 165KR or 165v30

    Their will be plenty of sound dampening. Thanks for the quick reply though, That helped out a lot.
  11. I am looking at upgrading the components in my doors and I have narrowed it down to these three components. I cannot demo the 165XL because no one around me has any on their demo board. I am wanting to know what you all recommend as far as midbass and accurate sound reproduction which are the better speakers. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. txhouse

    How would you do your components?

    I am doing this for good sound not for sq competitions. I want to run passive as I have never done active and wouldn't even know where to begin.
  13. I am going for a SQ setup and I am going to be doing this in a Dodge ram crew cab. My question is, would you put one really good set of components up front and leave the rears stock or would you put a good set of components up front and a good set of coaxials in the rear? The price would be pretty much the same. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. txhouse

    Which sub?

    I realize that the subwoofers play the smallest roll in a sq setup, I just wanted everyones opinion of what they thought was a good sq setup when the time comes to do that.
  15. txhouse

    Which sub?

    I was looking at either going with focal polyglass components for the front and coax for the rear or the same setup using hybrid audio's clarus and imagine line if that is what you were asking about going with a sq setup for what else I plan on running.