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  1. Mtopper

    *Swift's Rebuild* 3 SP4 18's, 12k Walled F250

    have i ever said how jealous i am of you??? haha, thats my dream truck right there. love the install and everything about it. been watching from the beginning. can't wait to hear your thoughts on your front stage choices
  2. Mtopper

    *Swift's Rebuild* 3 SP4 18's, 12k Walled F250

    I can't wait to hear what you think of the fosgate pros. no one in michigan has them. love the new equipment you're getting
  3. i couldn't tell you what happened. i'm just wondering if it would be worth getting fixed and who would be a good person to send it to. if its going to cost me $200, i'll just stash it away and buy something new. its possible that it was mounted on a box, hot swapped crossover or anything really. i never saw it powering a sub. buddy got out of car audio and into performance cars and gave me a bunch of his old stuff.
  4. So i have an old school kicker ZR1000 2 channel "cheater amp". My buddy gave it to me to use and see if i could fix it. the only stipulation is i can never sell it, if i i get rid of it, it must go to another audio guy who would value it. Anyways, i hooked it up about a week ago and have no output. it has power, no protect light and the RCAs are good. i can turn the gain every which way i want but get no ouput. Multi meter reads 0 across the board on the outputs. i opened it up and see no visible damage. He last used it in 2007 and has had it stored in his house since. I'm just wondering if it would be worth getting it looked at and repaired, and if so, what would be too much to spend on repairing it? I don't need to use it, it'd just be nice to have since it is a beefy 2 channel and capable of a good amount of power for a substage. I have 3 crossover boards for it and my ms8 to fine tune everything on it. I see them going for about 2-250 everywhere. i also have a matching zr360 that has a cooked power supply. i'd probably get both fixed and use them to run my front stage active off the ms8 and get a nice mono for my subs. no idea on what the front stage is yet. any help would be awesome guys. sorry for the scatter brain post.
  5. nice. my buddy has an 01 audi s4 with the stage 3 upgrade turbos, injectors, and tune (or so he says). all i know, it pulls like a freight train and has not lost to anyone except the z06 vette. it just goes... amazing cars, just a pain in the butt when something breaks here due to the cost of repairs on an import
  6. Everything looks great man. love that you're doing this in an Audi. No one here with Audis want to do anything except upgrade the stock sub with an 8. love it!
  7. Mtopper

    The SSA Yukonvict XL edition

    looks like poop big guy. must sound crappy too with the "flea market" garbage of an amp. lol gotta head out there this weekend and get a listen. looks good
  8. Mtopper

    Armykyle1's Build

    congrats on the batteries man. any fear of the metal seat brackets shorting the batteries? not trying to be a downer or anything, i'm just always worried about safety
  9. Mtopper

    Free sample products for review available

    if i still had my truck i'd be all over this. how much would the mtm setup cost shipped and reduced price cost to 48236?
  10. my work sells those exact batteries for cheaper. the only one on PE that is cheaper is the 1250, 12v 5ah, those are usually used for home alarm systems. good batteries though.
  11. Mtopper

    2012 Chevrolet Cruze DC Redo Build

    see, i had dual agms in mine for a month and for the first two weeks, i was sitting where you are also. then the car started doing the 12.6 thing again while i was on the freeway... trunk looks good as hell. love the dual port and oem look with the battery
  12. Mtopper

    2012 Chevrolet Cruze DC Redo Build

    I emailed everyone when i got my car back in january and was told "we do not make one for your car" if when i asked about a custom made. Singer, will be the one making it now though. i just don't see the point in paying for a new alt when i don't need more than the stock 130 if it were to work right. nice false floor and carpet job. really liking the build
  13. Mtopper

    2012 Chevrolet Cruze DC Redo Build

    2012 Cruze owner here... how are you planning on overcoming the charging system on these cars? from the factory they have the voltage regulated to get the best mileage possible which means during the day if you're driving, you'll only see about 12.6v box looks sexy though, tuned in
  14. Mtopper

    I know I have a car audio addiction when......

    when you have 4 different boxes for one sub when your girlfriend wakes you up at 3am because you're talking about 0 gauge in your sleep when you work at a battery store to get agms on the cheap when cops stop by your house to see what a good system sounds like rather than the prefabs everyone else has (true story) When your girlfriend thinks something is wrong, there is no porn on your computer, only car audio
  15. Mtopper

    2nd Annual LIVE! Black Friday Deals - Second Skin Audio

    good thing i already don't sleep normal hours
  16. Mtopper

    Rick's build log

    Stop eating popcorn, and get to work! He's waiting on me to have some free time from work and school before going ham on the truck. i'm waiting to be blown away by your build man. haha, can't wait
  17. Mtopper

    World's LOUDEST Trailblazer

    watching... watching.... watching..... looks good man. really impressed by the steel work, even if it wasn't done by you (or if it was). i look forward to the results
  18. Mtopper

    Rick's build log

    love my monoprice rcas and the price can't be beat. good choice man. how does the speaker wire look/compare?
  19. Mtopper

    4 SSA Zcon 15's in a Taco

    zcons seem to destroy vehicles. truck does look violent though. love the progress
  20. Mtopper

    Chinese products

    I could just take a photo of the shelves of batteries i'm staring at but that involves effort at the end of the week.
  21. Mtopper

    will my amp be underpowered?

    the battery is a 12 volt battery but your alternator puts out about 14.4v. this means, simple terms, the battery will be 14.4v and the amp will see 14.4v when the car is running. if you turn the car off and run the system, you'll see 12v and not see the rms your amp is rated for at 14.4. you'll be fine for a basic system
  22. Mtopper

    How does this box sketch look for 18" BL?

    my only thought would be to double baffle the top at least. i personally over build stuff just to be sure that it is sturdy and safe. design looks pretty good though
  23. Mtopper

    The SSA Yukonvict XL edition

    WHAT HE SAID!!! haha, lets go big guy. i'm able to work all weekend.
  24. Mtopper

    Bass Heads Ent S10 Xtreme Build

    so, i've been creeping on your install since day one. i really envy you for the truck. i've always loved the xtremes and have had my eye on a few locally just to build a nice daily truck setup like what you have. Great work man, i can't wait to see what else you do
  25. Mtopper

    The SSA Yukonvict XL edition

    I think he's going to do 4 6.5s in a 6th order on 100 watts. going to hit 170s!!! kidding, ask ramrod and see what he says