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  1. Mtopper

    Volkswagen Lupo build log

    car looks great man. love the looks of it. big fan of large systems in small economical cars.
  2. Mtopper

    SSA's Evil SS Camaro. 4 Evil 15s and 2 DC 7.5ks

    Haha, Ramrod works in Crocs and i wear flip flops when we work on cars. whats wrong with that? haha That sucks about the gas tank. enjoy your car ride to get the new one. quality time with the family right?
  3. Mtopper

    Pics of Systems Past

    haakon, gotta show off don't you? i'm loving the move from DIY you made to here. booming sub setup with quality front drivers. true SQ meets SPL.
  4. how much did you pay for your amp? i have a store locally that might still have some in stock. They always cut me deals that will bring price down to online sites like woofersetc or sonic.
  5. The JL XD amps are really nice. But, my main complaint is that they don't produce the same sounding signal that the old slash series amps or new Hd series provide. I looked into the XD for my components amp but decided against it just because of the less desirable sound. I know its a personal preference and i'm not trying to say its a bad product, just saying its not in my top 3 amp choices.
  6. I have a Pioneer DEH-P880PRS that works great and allows for full active capabilities from the headunit alone. it has 3 rca outs. high, mid, low/sub. the new Pioneer p99PRS is like 1200 but allows for highs, mids, lows, and sub. my 880 can be found new at stores for $500 still. used for about $300. i too will be going active soon so it will be really nice to play with.
  7. Mtopper

    Anyone know what kind of dog this is???

    haha no problem. looks like a strong pup.
  8. Mtopper

    Anyone know what kind of dog this is???

    it looks like a bull terrier to me. my neighbor has one and it looks like the one from all the target commercials they had running.
  9. Mtopper

    Xcon or zcon

    After listening to Ramrods 2 18 zcon setup for many hours at all different volumes and songs, i love the way they sound. They blend very well even though he is built for crazy loud. If i had the space, i would run a 15 or 18 myself. my little 2 door suv doesn't have enough space for a proper box while keeping the rear seats. If it were me in your situation, i would go and get the Zcon. The sub is sexy looking, hits the lows with authority and is still musical which is something a lot of companies can't do all at once. Love SSA
  10. Mtopper

    New on this forum

    Welcome to SSA. Loved following your install over on DIY. Now i get to watch it on both haha. Still loving the fact you took an economy cruiser and are making it into something loud and clear
  11. Mtopper

    sundown lincoln

    Holy shit man. that looks awesome. what spacers do you have between your 4500 and the box?
  12. Mtopper

    Silverado by Epicenter Designs

    love your fiberglass work man. always impressive and outside the box
  13. HOLY CRAP!!! where have i been that i missed your awesome update. looks great man. i'll definitely be looking out for this on woodward this weekend.
  14. Mtopper

    SLOW build on a 2001 GMC Jimmy

    Good info on not sealing the door with deadener. I keep thinking about doing it myself Alton. My hold up is that i have had to replace the door lock and window motor already. If it takes a shit on me again, thats deadener (or sheet metal if i went that far) to be removed and replaced later. Most shops will just throw it out and say "sorry". Truck looks like its really moving along now. Enjoy your quieter ride. I sure do in mine.
  15. Mtopper

    06 Lincoln Navigator- RF & some 18s

    looks good man. love matching low/fog
  16. Mtopper

    BanginGMC's Build Log | The Rebuild

    so whats going on here? are the mids finally going in?
  17. Mtopper

    my complete noob first build ever

    whats in the nice black box? how big of a shot do you run usually in your truck?
  18. Mtopper

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    Post #96 will answer that question for ya. i can see the 275/..../26 i can't tell what the middle is which is what i was wondering. thanks for the heads up though
  19. Mtopper

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    what size tires are those? truck looks clean as hell man. love it
  20. Mtopper

    my complete noob first build ever

    i was actually surprised to see the nitrous myself. great looking truck, what do you plan on putting in the truck other than the audiopipe amp?
  21. Mtopper

    1991 Honda CRX Si

    good looking out sefugi. thats an awesome idea. edub beat me to that one. mountable zip ties are amazing. i want to shake the hand of the creator. great looking job man. love the use of the 90 degree rca ends
  22. Mtopper

    1991 Honda CRX Si

    go with the glass, go parallel not perpendicular. i am a big fan of the armor all window cleaner stuff. its tint safe and cleans the toughest shit off the film. the shop i used to work at charges an extra 20 dollars per window to remove tint and if you try and don't get off all the glue, they charged 25.
  23. Mtopper

    '07 Silverado - Murder Murder Murder

    those rims look clean. hope it gives you that look you're going for.
  24. Mtopper

    1999 Tahoe SAE1200 on 2 12" Fi Q's

    temp setup? that temp setup will look and sound good as hell. congrats on figuring out his the issue you had
  25. Mtopper

    1999 Tahoe SAE1200 on 2 12" Fi Q's

    so you did what i suggested? haha, i do it too, all depends on what headunit and such. i did it to a jvc in a buddy's car because i thought blue (pioneer) was the remote turn on in the jvc. not, oops