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  1. sbelew

    Have the X series subs been discontinued?

    Any idea as to when they may be available?
  2. Looking for info on the X series. I'd like to get two 10" 4 ohm models.
  3. sbelew

    Fi X 12 subwoofer review

    Wow, makes me wonder if I should rebuild my x12 into a ported box.
  4. sbelew

    Need info for setting Amp Adjustments

    Yes it is a sealed box.
  5. I have an X12, 4ohm with BP power option, in a 1cu ft box after displacement, running on 350 watts. I need to know about what frequencies to set to LPF and subsonic adjustments on my Mono amp to best meet the specs of the sub. My subsonic will adust from OFF to 50Hz and the LPF adjusts from 40Hz to 220Hz Thanks Steve
  6. I figured out the problem. I removed the Kenwood x994 HU and reinstalled the Pioneer that was in the truck and no noise. So I returned the x994 to crutchfield and upgraded to the x995. Crutchfield customer service is definately first rate. They were very helpful in doing the exchange and very friendly about it. Thumbs up to Crutchfield!
  7. Just diconnected the HU ground and ran a new one to the chassis, still have the nois. I disconnected the front component crossovers from the amp so all i have is a pair od coaxials, no difference. If I ran a ground wire from the battery direct to the amp, would this eliminate the problem if it is in fact a ground problem?
  8. just tried that, exactly as you said, pulled HU out connected new cable, ran it over the seats to the amp, still have noise. Have not changed the ground on the HU though.
  9. Just got my system hooked up today but I have a very annoying whine or hum in the speakers. Its there with the truck running or not, but worse when it is running. I think from reading that this is a ground problem, but I have moved the amplifier ground to a few different places inside the cab of the truck, seat belt, seat mount bolt, I cant get rid of it. Can anyone help?
  10. I've got the box built, and am ready to mount the sub into the box. I need to know what size screws to use and Do the screws go through the top of the gasket, through the frame and through the bottom side of the gasket into the box, or do I lift up the gasket on top and just put the screw through the frame and through the bottom side of the gasket into the box? And Do i need any caulk or gasket material between the box and the sub for sealing?
  11. sbelew

    Sealed box size for x12, 4 ohm with BP

    So lets say I go about 1 cu ft after displacement, how much power can I put to it? I plan on 400 watts at 4 ohms.
  12. sbelew

    Sealed box size for x12, 4 ohm with BP

    I received my sub today. I could still use some help with a box size and how much power I can safely put to it? Anyone?
  13. sbelew

    Fi Q arrived - First time experience

    Congrats on your purchase! Funny timing, I just received my FI x12 sub today as well. Hope they work out for both of us!
  14. sbelew

    Hello From New Port Richey, FL

    Wow! very friendly here. Nice. Thanks everyone. Hey Nem, is your truck an Extended cab? Ok a build log, let me take a look at a few and see what I can do. So what does anyone/everyone think of that Sundown 125.5 for a subwoofer?
  15. Hello everyone. Im from New Port Richey, FL about 45 minutes NNW of Tampa. I have been reading these forums, and others, comparing products, reading opinions and doing research on different brands, in an attempt to do my own system. It is currently an "In Process" System as I am taking my time to make sure everything is done right. Here is a rundown of what I've got so far. '99 Ford F-150 Extended Cab Kenwood Excelon KDC-X994 ~ installed MBQuart DSC 4125 ~ to be installed under the drivers side rear seat Fi Audio x12 4ohm with BP Power Option ~ to be installed in a sealed box under the passenger side rear seat 1 set of Massive Audio CK6 Components ~ to be installed in the front doors 1 set of Boston Acoustics SL 80 speakers ~ installed in the rear doors All Knukonceptz wiring. And some sound deadening and Dynamat to help it to sound better. I am currently running the Boston speakers in the rear doors and the factory Ford speakers in the front doors, both just off the Kenwood. And of course as soon as I make a decision and purchase an item, I find something different that I might like, but isn't that the way it always goes. I came to this site to do some research on a Sundown SAX 125.2 amp to run bridged for my sub. So just wanted to say hi to everyone and say thanks for these forums and all the information on them. Look forward to a lot of great reading.