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  1. either two sealed sa 10s or 1 ported xcon 12, IMO.
  2. Deto1992

    WHOS PUSHIN 150's BABY???

    I have two Dc level 4s on 800 watts a peice out of the trunk of an infiniti i30 and I hit 148.6 on music.
  3. Deto1992

    Dual 12" L7's ?

    Hifonics will work for your application without a doubt. For subs, if youre trying to keep your budget down, u may want to check out some drivers like ia 187s etc. Two 12s will sound great in the right box and you will save some money on an amp since the drivers have a low power rating.
  4. Deto1992

    Fi BL dilemma

    I would recommend the Deka in a heartbeat. I have a stock 110 amp alt and a single 9a31. My voltage stays above 12.8 at all times and Im running a bxi1608d which pushes about 1600 at 1 ohm. Not too shabby for a $200 battery.
  5. Deto1992

    8" Round Port

    I have two DC level 4s, in 4.2 cubes after displacement, tuned to 34 hz with about 75 in sq port area and they sound great. I understand the situation youre explaining but I cannot say that I have experienced it at all. Also, I just picked them up recently so I only have a bxi1608d pushing them right noww. So, as far as the box goes, 4.2 cubes is working quite nicely for me. However, as we all know, it is partially vehicle dependent so my two 12s in the trunk of a sedan can easily sound different than your two in what seems to be a trunk (since you say you could afford 10 cubes if need be).
  6. Deto1992

    Mac Miller's New Mixtape

    thumbss up for mac millerr. Wouldnt say he is a wiz clonee tho
  7. Deto1992

    Hey im new I need help With FI BTL

    Go to the tech information on Fi's website. It will explain all the options. As for an amp, go with the recommended power.
  8. Deto1992

    which sub for my application?

    Granted the w7 are pretty awesome drivers; however, they are quite pricey. I know the OP said he could afford four of any of the drivers he listed but at around $600 a pop I do not know if they are worth it.
  9. Deto1992

    which sub for my application?

    Who told you this ?? Not saying they do, but for some reason something clicked in the depths of my mind that i've heard that somewhere. OP, for the most part, any sub can sound good as long as the box is well built. I heard that somebody with quite a few L7s competes successfully in some sq comps.
  10. Deto1992

    I don't want to lose lower notes

    What suppose you went with two beefy 12s? With a $600 budget you could get something like two Bl 12s which would kill the lows like you want, you would have more than enough space, and you could power them just fine with the 2200d. Just a thought
  11. Deto1992

    Box for Havoc 15

    It depends where you get the enclosure tuning from. Some sites such as Re Audio's site are slighlty off with tuning. My buddy used Re's calculator then used the physics to figure out the actual tuning and Re was about 5 hz to low on their prediction. Ex. Re said 30 hz, actually tuning was roughly 35 hz.
  12. I do not know for sure but, I believe that a HO alt would be better to keep your voltagee stable. Two batteries would help but ask yourself what is better, 2 batts being charged at a moderate at best rate or a single batt being charged at a rapid rate. Also, if you plan on running your system at near fullt tilt for a decent amount of time you could possibly be draining the batts at a faster rate than they will be charging. For this reason, I would go with the high output alt initially and just add batteries later if needed.
  13. Deto1992

    Help picking a sub(s)

    Well if you go from one w6 in a not so special box to two w6s in a well designed, well built enclosure, youre lookin at like a holy shit thats a big difference.
  14. On a more serious note, you can most definitely have the ssd 10 in a 2 ft cubic box. You just have to be careful with overexcursion and other issues. If you are conservative with your volume and gains you should be alright. Unfortunately, I dont know enough about the physics to inform about how it will affect output but Im sure you will be fine as long as you dont push the driver to hard.
  15. Deto1992

    Box for 2006 Toyota 4 runner

    Definitely agree with Stefan, its much easier to design and build a standard L ported enclosure than a bandpass. Many times you will see people claiming that a certain type of enclosure will get much louder than another; however, unless you compete, there is not much benefit in designing and building a very intricate box. Also, allow me to persuade you to get the 15 inch BTL. If youre like me, you will never be satisfied so you might as well prepare for that and get the driver that will have more output.
  16. Buy another ssd and it should be perfect
  17. Deto1992

    Few basic questions, details inside.

    False. One in series and one in parallel will be wired down to 2 ohms final.
  18. Deto1992

    To SSA people in Japan and Hawaii, be safe!!

    Some of the videos and pictures are unbelievable. Last I heard, there was a nuclear plant that was hit pretty hard; hopefully no effects rise from that as well. Hope all turns out okay.
  19. Well I can do without it but it would really help out my electrical. My voltage at my amp at idle rests around 12.5volts, clearly not high. I had some severe light dimming so i threw a deka 9a31 under my hood which helped alot but my alt is clearly not efficient enough to charge it. I can run my system at fill tilt for only a certain amount of time before my lights start to dim again.
  20. Im not necessarily in need of a high output alt right now; however, I would like to make the purchase while I have some funds so I dont end up screwin myself over later on if I decide to upgrade the system. I know that many on the forum will recommend DC power, Mechman etc. but I rather not spend $600 on an alt if possible. After searching around the web for a bit I came across qualitypowerauto.com. I searched my specific vehicle and noticed that they have an option of a 200 amp alt for $285, an unbeatable price as far as I know. My question is, could it be possible that this is a legitimate alternator and wont turn out to be a waste of money? The websites notes that the company actually builds the alternators and that they require 5 days before shipping to do so. Other than the price, because it is so low, all signs suggest that the company is legitimate. I would really appreciate it if anyone could chime in and let me kno if they have had any experience with the site or any thoughts in general about it. Thanks!
  21. "Yes, they are specifically designed for high output operation. We have been building high output units as our primary business for limo builders, emergency vehicle outfitters, custom cars, stereo installs, etc. since 1994. We do know what will work and what will hold up for these applications." Soo i think they just found themselves a new customer. Any objections? If I end up purchasing I will be sure to provide a review and hopefully save some fellow ssa'ers a few hundred bucks.
  22. If I could find a nice DC or Mechman 200 amp alt for 385 I would be all over thattt ! However, the cheapest option for my vehicle is 589 give or take a few bucks, quite a significant increase in payment on my part.
  23. According to the rep, all the alternators have a 1 year warranty. I asked him if I would be compensated in some way if the alt fails to produce the amperage that it is rated for; unfortunately, he avoided the question by informing me that every alt is tested before theyre sent out and most produce amperages above rated. I wish I could afford the 600 bucks for nice DC or Mechman alt but that quite a bit more than the 285 I would be paying for the particular alt we are discussing.