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  1. Need new sub, blew my 18" treo ssx. Anyone do recones for a decent price? Anyone selling an 18 that does 2500-3k? Budget is $300-400 Im open to other options as well. Im workin with about 4cu ft net ported, 5 sealed. Figured the 18 is the best way to go, but if 2x 15's sealed would fit, cool.
  2. snb778

    Need new sub, blew my 18" treo ssx.

    no, already wayyy over budget, and then this happened. I don't have to go with an 18", maybe a good 15", or 2x 12's. I saw the 3200W Skar is $400 new... or I have to recone my 18, not sure who does it though... Treo wanted $500 for a recone which is ridiculous.
  3. Hello everyone, I am designing my own box and was hoping someone could review it. Goal was no smaller than 4 cu ft. Its an 18" Treo SSX rebuilt by PSI. Treo recommended 50cu in. of port, BUT i told them I was using aero ports and they still recommended the same..? I was always under the impression they didnt need as much port? This design is 1x 8" port = 50 cu in. I can't figure out another configuration to hit 40 cu in, if 50 is to much. Tuned to about 35hz. (see attached) Any help is appreciated Sketchup for box.skp
  4. Hey guys, I was originally going to run my Treo Engineering SSX 18", but decided I don't want to go through upgrading the alternator. Where is the most you recommend running off the stock ALT with an upgraded battery? Can I get away with 2KW? I'm looking to run 2x15's now, something around 750RMS. I'm not to familiar with this power range, what do you guys recommend? Something around $150 each preferably Needs to fit in a 2010 Maxima
  5. know someone who does box designs here?
  6. Need a little help with box design. I tried out about 6-7 of them now and they all give me different numbers. I want to do a 6" Aero port (unless recommended otherwise). Any sites you guys know of where it takes displacement for the sub and port into consideration while calculating? I tried BCAE1.com, Internal dimensions are 12.5x28.5x21.9 = 7801/1728= 4.5cu. ft. Their site is saying Gross volume = 4.2, which is already wrong, then -.32 for sub displacement and also need to subtract port displacement....?? RE's site doesnt allow aero port calculations.
  7. found em, they changed to "sound cubed"...?
  8. Those Icons are rated for around 1500rms each arent they?
  9. What kind of 15's are you running? I've never dealt with the 750-1000rms range for subs, not sure what I can get for around $150 each that is decent. I'll only have 1 battery, last I heard the Dekka Intimidators were the way to go. I wont run an interior amp, my sound stage is pretty solid with the stock, which leads me to the next question, i'll have to run off the stock head unit which means i'll need a converter to get the sub amp a signal, should that be "ok"?
  10. speaking of sound qued...Is Audioque no longer around? I didnt see a website for them?
  11. Hello everyone, Its been several years since I was in the car audio scene. I am interested in getting my sub up an running again in a cost effective way. Last I was involved, team PSI was doing a lot of customizing subs, many many people were running Sundowns, and Audioque, DD, and FI. I had an 18" Treo Engineering SSX which was rebuilt be PSI as a dual flatwound alum VC. I was running an Autotek MM3000.1 at .5 ohms tuned to 33Hz. Daily I was doing about 148+ db. I saved this sub for the last 5-6 years because I loved it so much and swore to myself I would use it again some day. Team DOA was killin it in the Chicagoland competitions, especially Mike and his Barney van! What are the common subs/ brands that people are running today? Any amp I can look for- for around $500 to power this thing (used of course). Thanks
  12. snb778

    Its been a few years, someone catch me up!

    Audi Legion, Banda, Orion, Synergy, VFL, Wolfram... Only one of these i've heard of is Orion, and at the end of my last CA run, Orion was starting to get cheaper and more mainstream. Any brand I should stay away from? There wasn't much in the shop.. and OMG I can't believe Brahma is back.. .They exited shortly after I started a decade ago
  13. snb778

    Its been a few years, someone catch me up!

    What are people running these days? Are the same brands I mentioned still the most common? I will browse the store, but I just don't want to waste time looking at crap.
  14. snb778

    CD Contest Winner

    nooooooooooo... i lost internet connection right when I clicked "add reply"!!
  15. I actually prefer my SSX 18" over the HDC 318 I had... different boxes, but the SSX is tuned lower, and has a decent amount better output so far....im going to rebuild a box with 2x 6" external aero's and see what it can do
  16. snb778

    DC Lvl 5 10 Testing for Limits

    don't gotta bass-race below tuning... should be just fine i'd think! HAH!
  17. snb778

    Welcome to the IHoP

    same!! dam cardinal just woke me up!!
  18. snb778

    2 12" alpine type x's

    ported gives better output... most people who go sealed eventually want more, unless you're a real SQ guy and just like havin some nice sounding bass to flow with your music
  19. snb778

    Welcome to the IHoP

    so...... when is the new SI sub coming out... seems like it should have been out for a good month or so by now... reviews came out a good 2 months ago.
  20. snb778

    this guy claims to doing 169.3 db

    did they even make an MX 5000?
  21. snb778

    Video of 18" Q in the maxima

    Heres the vid.. all specs are in title and description.. lemme know what you think
  22. snb778

    IA Death Row sale!!

    10%???? It went from 529 to like 359when I added an 18" to my basket!!!
  23. snb778

    Video of 18" Q in the maxima

    see you have 112^2" of port... i dont think i have even close to that much... again, 3 4" aero's 14" long... and you have the same sized box.... what kinda of car do you have? do you have vids? what amp?