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  1. malachi

    Malachi - 08 silverado from Louisiana

    yea, thats why i was wondering about different speakers? or maybe one speaker in a ported box in that size. for my knowledge of audio (which is NOT that large now-a-days) this is the "best" i came up with.
  2. malachi

    Malachi - 08 silverado from Louisiana

    well dude, let me know when you have some time, and ill stop by, i have jolie this weekend, and regular shit going on. but let me know, id like to show you what i gots! wow, from BR! whats up?! yea, iv seen his truck on here. hey man, i do with what i got! :-D and yea i know 115 is not hard, that just what i got. which is why i asked for opinions of what other people could/would do, considering, the space and watts. ;-)
  3. malachi

    Malachi - 08 silverado from Louisiana

    yea man, iv seen your truck! thats CRAZY!!! lol im just trying to see what others people options would be in my situation. i listen to clean music, not too much rap unless its on the radio. that why what i have does well, nice tight bass. down in morgan city, Ryan, is that you? like 8 foot tall Ryan? like used to body slam people in high school, Ryan? biggest MOFO to play bassdrum #5 Ryan? shaved head, will eat your babies, drove a deisel truck, and posted on my face book, which i replied i will have to go see you, Ryan? HAHAHAHAHA, what up man!!!! dude, iv been out this so long. what a term lab?
  4. hey guys, stoping in to post up. new to the forum, and have found a lot of NEW things. anyway, a little about me, i drive an 08 crew cab silverado, with a stock deck and stock door speakers. i do have sound deadening in the doors and back wall (that i think i over paid for and it really doesnt do sh!t) i also have two rockford 8's (P2D48's) in a sealed box under my 40% flip up seat. it fits perfect, nice and tight. the box is only just under .6 Cubic ft. and im getting roughly 115 bd with my Radio shack DB meter. im using a punch 500.s amp. i also have a "signal booster" inline with the "high-level to RCA" devise, and with that, i have to have my gain all the way down, my bass boost (on the amp) all the way down, and my (stock radio) low EQ all the way down. i have a question, i could probly get up to 1 full ft^3 under my seat. do you guys know of anything that could get me over 115 db in that small of space? pics comming soon. thanks!
  5. malachi

    09 silverado crewcab LT IAK worktruck THE REMIX

    Good Lord man, thanks rediculous!!!!!! crazy stuff!
  6. malachi

    09 silverado crewcab LT IAK worktruck THE REMIX

    hey man, im bran new to the site, and i joined just to see your build. and i must say, its very nice. i also have the crew cab, and i also have a child (she is 5), and with that, i have less room than you. as i need the room under my seat. im just doing a sealed box under the 40% seat with two eights. so thanks for the insperation, i wil be following this for sure!