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  1. Anyone know how I can get ahold of a user named ciaonzo? I REALLY need to speak with him...

  2. dizzle138

    MEGALITH finally?

    I was initially interested in the Draconia and Minotaur, but I'm leaning towards the Drednaught now.
  3. dizzle138

    single 12 enclosure with blue inlay

    Looks extremely nice, man. I'm diggin' it. I'd love to see a charcoal leather/vinyl/suede accent with black carpeting.
  4. dizzle138

    Nice Sealed Box

    Do you want a normal (square or rectangular) shaped enclosure?
  5. dizzle138

    Box Carpet?

    - Be sure to use plenty of glue (and staples). - Vinyl with a bit of padding is awesome for big panels, as it gives everything a "plush" look, but you'll want to remove any padding when working within tight spots. - Invest in a decent heat gun or hair dryer. You'll need to apply heat to make the vinyl "stretchy" when working with sharp angles or within tight spaces. - Don't be afraid to call a few upholstery shops if you want fancy stuff like french seams. - The "tuck" method you referred to earlier can make working with vinyl MUCH easier. Simply tuck the vinyl into a crack and push some florist wire (or small speaker wire) in there to hold things down. It's cheating, but it works. - Patience is a virtue.
  6. dizzle138

    Box Carpet?

    I mostly work with vinyl these days. It can be a pita when wrapping a box, but it's awesome for beauty panels & such...
  7. dizzle138

    Zed Audio new production

    I spoke with someone from ZED and was told the heatsinks for the new amps will be the same as the Leviathan and Kronos. I hope he was right. I wouldn't mind slight modifications, but I really like the look of the Leviathan. I'm planning to pick up a Draconia & Minotaur myself...
  8. dizzle138

    Box Carpet?

    If you're new to wrapping enclosures I'd suggest the non-backed material, as it's easier to stretch & cut. Do yourself a favor and watch this video prior to actually doing the work. It'll teach you how to wrap the enclosure properly with a single piece of material (many new guys use multiple pieces and it usually ends up looking poor): There are other ways to cut the material, but the "half moon" is pretty easy to do correctly. The guy in the video doesn't actually do it perfectly, but the results are still okay...
  9. Just read the entire thread. It's purdy.
  10. dizzle138

    ZCON Prototype

    I'll take one.
  11. dizzle138

    Zed Audio new production

    I hope they don't change much, because I really like the look of the Leviathan and Kronos...
  12. dizzle138

    Anything new?

    TC Sounds has made Sound Splinter wait forever. They've been up & runnin' (TC Sounds) for a while now. They should've got to the SS product by now...
  13. dizzle138

    monte carlo ss wall build

    That's gonna be loud.
  14. dizzle138

    Zed Audio new production

    I just want to know one thing. Are the new amps going to have the same heatsink and plexi cover as the Leviathan and Kronos, or are they going to have the older heatsink like the Minilith? Can't wait to add a Minotaur and Draconia to my collection...and I don't mind the price increase one bit. These are amps of the highest quality, so the price is justified.