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  1. Kham

    SSA Zcon 12

    Hi all, it’s been a while and I want to try SSA again. Had an XCON 15 for 3 years then sold it. At the moment I currently own two Stereo Integrity "SQL" 15, single 15 Adire Brahma, and two 10s RF power T1. I saw the Zcon 12 on SSA website and wanted to see them in action but couldn’t find any vids on YouTube for that model. Anyone in here own that newer model and what are your thoughts on the SQ. I’m mainly looking for a clean SQ driver that can get brutal when want to and doesn’t sound distorted/mechanical noise.
  2. Kham

    SSA Xcon or FI Q

    The amperage output is 100, that's all I know.
  3. Kham

    SSA Xcon or FI Q

    Ok, so will I be okay with a BRZ 1700.1D powering a 15 xcon sealed @ 1ohm on stock electrical?
  4. Kham

    SSA Xcon or FI Q

    I have a small car which is a 2011 sedan Toyota Corolla Type S. I like the factory speakers already, just needed a sub. I heard good things about both company, but I want something that sounds smooth, clean and loud. I don't think I will upgrading my electrical and I'm leaning more towards a 15 xcon sealed. Would that be ok with my electrical?
  5. In terms of SQ, are these two the same? Amp is Hifonics BRZ 1700