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  1. RichyMitch925

    RichyMitch925 2003 Chevy Tahoe

    Sorry bout the Bmer, but that Integra could be a really nice project! Nice subs! Thanks man, yeah this car has a lot of potential, gunna do a little component setup in it in just the fronts, the rear is gutted just picked up a lot of parts for it, i'm probably gunna throw a jdm b16a in there and i'm loving the new n2s, i havent even opened up the other one since im so busy
  2. RichyMitch925

    RichyMitch925 2003 Chevy Tahoe

    Another thing is i would say do not invest in the audiopipe ap-2004s because they do not sound too good, just doesn't sound right even if they were $130 lol, i have regrets
  3. RichyMitch925

    RichyMitch925 2003 Chevy Tahoe

    Okay guys heres whats happening, I havent been totally concentrated on the Tahoe for a few weeks, but yesterday I got 2 packages that just might want to make me. That and on top of the sh*tty weather NorCal has been having So heres why I havent been concentrated. Just recently I sold my daily which was a 87' BMW 325is which I loved sold for $2500 Now I switched over to the darkside and got a integra shell, this shell is clean as fuk the paint is emaculate it use to be a magazine car, but now im trying to get it back to its potential These pics do not do the justice of how it can look when its done Well anyways I'm trying to get the integra situated first. I also have some DD mids that I was thinking about putting in, because no one else wanted to buy them Anyways over the weekend i expect my box to be finished with amp rack and everything done, maybe we will just have to see
  4. RichyMitch925

    Zcon No Longer A ProtoType!!!!!!!!&#33

    Holy sh*t, time to update my build hehe
  5. RichyMitch925

    Upgrade from a W6

    ^^^ agreed, those 3 subs that you listed are great also, maybe the deathrow? I ran Digital Designs for a while, i would look into Digital Designs they have some good stuff
  6. RichyMitch925

    Front Comps

    Buy a set of my mids !
  7. RichyMitch925

    Begginer PLZ help for those who are experienced

    hey thanks bro alot i really appreciate it man because this is my first time doing an instal and i need help. The amp am looking forward on buying is http://www.dealercostcaraudio.com/rockfordfosgatepowert2500-1bdt25001bd.aspx But idk how i should power all this, i get real confused since i am inexperienced. If i get 2 batteries and 1 h/o alt how should this setup be? h/o alt connect to both batteries? am sorry if my question are stupid bro. does 2 yellow tops sound good with one h/o alt? and how should the alternator wiring be if it is charging 2 batteries. thx again bro for ur help I spent $3000k easy and i dont have a H/O yet lol, id just start buy stuff, if you want a BTL then make the purchase and youll have more commitment after that
  8. RichyMitch925

    New Family Member: New Woofas

    Haha i always loved these vids, i like how you play alot dubstep, definitely music everyone on here should be playing
  9. RichyMitch925

    all in 1 wire /rope

    Its from stinger i dont think they have it anymore. At our shop we called it speedwire. Was the wire blue? they have 9 wire ones with all 4 speakers and a 1 remote wire inside. that was an awesome wire
  10. RichyMitch925

    RichyMitch925 2003 Chevy Tahoe

    Got a little accomplished in the past few days I: put the T1s in the kick panels today put the tweets in the rear door panels deadned only one rear door fully deadned hatch and misc things I've got classes and homework havent had the most time to work on my tahoe but its slowly coming together Due to $$$ I'm also going to hold off on the new wiring, headunit, and alt just because those arent the most important things to be done at the moment (they will still happen soon), except the alt> I will have pics tomorrow after i wire up a few things
  11. RichyMitch925

    BTL vs BL (for the daily user)

    Never owned a bl, but btls forever daily
  12. RichyMitch925

    BTL N312

    Solo X's are cool. I have yet to hear them in person. Go with the BTL N2's i just ordered a pair!!!
  13. RichyMitch925

    RichyMitch925 2003 Chevy Tahoe

    Just got my Q-Logic kick panels today. I will get picks up soon, but can anyone suggest what i can use to cut out the holes for the speakers/tweets. I tried my knife its pretty thick
  14. RichyMitch925

    Radio Install

    Is it a bose sound system? do you have onstar?
  15. RichyMitch925

    New Guy from Nor Cal

    Welcome! Another NorCal member!!!