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  1. My 12" icon took some damage when I had my backpack in the trunk and it punctured a hole in the dust cap. The hole is small and I can't tell any auditory differences in the subs performance so is it worth repairing?
  2. JPx7

    Icon 12, Worth getting fixed?

    Here's some pictures of the damage...
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    * Ask Don of SDS *

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it is the rear deck.. the other day i had a bunch of people in my car and they had the idea to throw their bags up on the deck to see if the rattling would stop. The bags successfully stopped the rattling and it sounded so much better. Let me know if I need to further look into the problem and try some more things. That tells you that it's probably either the back edge of the trim panel rattling against the rear .iwindow (held away by the added weight) or the trim panel against the steel shelf (held down by added weight). Some vibration damper on the sheet metal and CCF between the trim panel and sheet metal, puled up over the back edge slightly should solve it. Okay well Im pretty sure its the trim panel rattling against the steel shelf. About how much CCF and cld tiles will I need? And how much will it be?
  4. JPx7

    * Ask Don of SDS *

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it is the rear deck.. the other day i had a bunch of people in my car and they had the idea to throw their bags up on the deck to see if the rattling would stop. The bags successfully stopped the rattling and it sounded so much better. Let me know if I need to further look into the problem and try some more things.
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    * Ask Don of SDS *

    Operation make the panel above my trunk stop vibrating.. At this point I am only worried about the panel vibrating. I want to go with SDS products, what will I need and how much of it? I am not looking to go all out at this point; I just want to fix this and then I will deaden everything some other time when I have enough money to do it. Here is a pic from inside of the trunk. Thanks -JP
  6. So something has gone wrong with my system and I am not sure exactly what it is... My setup is... -12" Icon -AQ 1200d; installed with 1/0 gauge wire and then 12 gauge for the speaker wire. -MY car is a 2000 Jetta VR6 and the alternator is stock.. it's either 90a or 120a but i'm not sure -I am using the AQ gain knob and I have a stinger volt meter.. I had everything installed at a local shop and it was VERY LOUD.. it was so loud that I was afraid to even push it for the little time it was working right, so I don't think any problems have been caused by listening to it too loud. About 6 days after it was installed I was driving around and I noticed on one song the bass was a lot quieter than it had been. So I listened to a few other songs and turned up the bass just a little to see if it was just me but it was at least 50% quieter than it had been. I immediately turned off my music and when I got home I made sure all the wires were still connected. I checked too see if the problem had fixed itself the next day and at first it sounded like it had but after driving around a little the bass started to cut in and out and it would randomly get loud then go back to being quiet again so I turned it off. I took it back to the install shop and they think the amp is too powerful for my electrical system but he only listened to it, I am going back in this weekend and they are going to check that everything is connected correctly. When the system was working correctly the volt meter seemed to be fine.. It averaged around 13.9 or so and every once in a while it would drop to around 12.6 but it would go back up.. It never dropped below 12.6 from what I could see. At first I thought the amp was blown or something but now I think it probably has to do with my electrical.. What do you guys think the problem is and suggestions to fix it? -If it is due to my electrical I do not want to replace the alternator or add an extra battery/capacitor.. At most I could maybe replace the battery and do the big three.. So I really want to know if there are any inexpensive options.. if not I will probably just go with a much smaller amp.. I also plan on adding another amp for my components..
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    Enclousre Build for Technoboy (One 10 Inch Fi Q)

    Oh okay he's fixing up the mess this week. 3 weeks later... Wait what? Still haven't heard anything Anyone else?
  8. I tried this last night.. and it worked! It sounds normal again so for now the problem has been fixed.. hopefully it doesn't come back! Thanks for all of the help
  9. I just drove around the block a few times to listen to it again since its been a couple days.. I checked the leds periodically and it wasn't going into protection mode.. When I first started the car and listened to it a little it was acting pretty normal.. then I drove around a little and the problem progressively started happening.. The bass would get really quiet and stay pretty steady then it would get louder and stay steady at that for a few seconds and it kept doing this.. It wasn't cutting in and out as bad as it was the other day but this time it would be quiet for a few verses of the song then be loud for one verse and get quiet again.. The last song I played it was quiet for basically the whole song and didn't jump up that much. I thought it was weird though that the problem got worse the longer I drove.
  10. I haven't checked much yet because I don't want to void my warranty on the install.. so I'm taking it in this weekend for them to look at it P.S. sorry for the mistakes in my post.. I'm really tired right now
  11. When the bass cuts out it still plays bass but its not that loud and it sounds really bad.. it doesn't really go with the beat of the song because the loudness of each beat is not staying steady and it will sometimes get a lot louder on one beat randomly.. it is irritating so I turned off the subwoofer through my headunit and have had it off for a few days now.. with the woofer turned off the voltage reads anywhere between 13.7 and 14.5.. it is normally right around 14.1..
  12. oh my mistake idk why i put 8/0... its 12/0 lol
  13. I currently have a Kenwood KDC-248u head unit and I think I want to upgrade it to something a lot better. Not exactly sure what hu I want so I am looking for some suggestions. Budget is $400 but I definitely would like to get something cheaper if I can. Thanks -JP
  14. Ordered enclosure for a Single 12" SSA Icon. Will be going in the back of my 2000 Jetta VR6. So far Alerion Enclosures has shown outstanding customer service. Rick replies to all of my messages instantly and is very helpful. Pic's will be coming soon.
  15. JPx7

    Enclosure for 12" SSA Icon

    Sounds great and is SO LOUD!
  16. JPx7

    Enclosure for 12" SSA Icon

    Sorry its taken a while but I finally found some time to get a pic up. Will get a few vids up soon.
  17. I was reading this topic the other day and it kind of sounds similar to your situation, but I may be wrong. Anyways, this guy thought he had blown his 1200 as well and he also had a burnt smell, but it turns out that somehow one of the three 40amp internal fuses was knocked loose. So I would check those three fuses and make sure they are plugged in all of the way. Audioque 1200d BLOWN
  18. JPx7

    Enclosure for 12" SSA Icon

    Can't wait for it to get here ! Pm me the tracking number when you can.
  19. The Kenwood x995 looks really nice, especially for the price. Anyone know of anything can compete with this one for the cost?
  20. double din? Pretty sure the x995 is a single din.
  21. Forgot to add the main features I want.. I definitely want USB hook up to play with ipod, and besides that i just want it to perform better than the Kenwood that I have now. Also I read a little about active/passive setups and it sounds like passive would be best for my setup, correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. My system right now is 4 Memphis PR 6.5 2way components and pretty soon a 12 Icon on an AQ1200D amp. The next thing I am doing is getting something like a Sundown 50.4 for the front stage, and then replacing the HU. I don't exactly know what the difference is between active/passive setups so maybe you guys could enlighten me on what would benefit my system most.
  23. So excited that my Icon is finally here. When I picked up the box I noticed it was a little roughed up so I thought I would take pics just to be cautious and let you guys know. The bottom of the box was about to bust open so I made sure I got pics before I opened it, and then when I opened it the sub was out of place a little bit. I don't think any major damage was caused to the sub, I noticed a few scratches but nothing serious from what I could tell. I'll post some pics of the packaging, and let me know if there are any spots in particular that i should look for damage on the sub.