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  1. denalilvr

    BL and RL-P18

    well the bl will be louder but the rlp will sound better..so just figure out what your more interested in..
  2. but if a extra bat is gonna strain the alt why do it when i can get a 10 farad stinger cap? its a waste of money bro..you wont get the results from it to justify the price of one..
  3. cap is just a waste bottom line..battery will put more of strain on your alt...this stuff is expensive but its worth it..
  4. damn ya that sux..lol how about iraggi?
  5. ohio generators excessive amperage powermaster all 3 dont make a alt for your car?
  6. denalilvr

    Welcome to the IHoP

    spare me the bullchit bro..lets get serious here..see this is why i said screw the report button if your complaint is about a mod..and this is proof your defending him..
  7. denalilvr

    Welcome to the IHoP

    because he has no reason to call me or another member a fuktard or any other insulting words..ya its the internet and yes i know sometimes you laugh at people and sometimes people will laugh at you..but what he does is plain disrespectful towards alot of members here..at what point do you stop saying well he must be having a bad day or its just the internet and realize attitude like his makes members go away to other forums..the point of this place is to ask questions and learn..and people cant because they have to worry about being ridiculed and make to look like a clown by him so no this is not over..he cant always get away with his actions
  8. denalilvr

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Good cuz my chits up real high now. 12' ceilings in the garage ft-storage-w m5 listen you bytch..im sick of your ass..im a idiot because i post a thread about credit scores and then i question your answer? your a pucking moron man..give me a warning or whatever i dont care..your old ass needs to get out go get some pussy then you wouldnt be such a arseho..i dont think you have any idea how many people are sick of you..and when denim gets back from his wedding him and i need to have a talk about your ass..and im a fuktard? no you cock sucking bytch your a fuktard..another thing you clown, read my sig and start living it..if your going to talk chit expect it thrown back at you..so i suggest from here on out stay out of my threads and i stay out of yours and we wont have problems..
  9. denalilvr

    Got my Tat Done today...

    looks great man...very nice..im very sorry to hear about you dad..
  10. well wait up..lol i mean what are you looking to do? compete or just have a loud daily driver?
  11. type x have really good sq but arnt knowin for getting loud..so if that doesnt bother you then go for it..
  12. not sure if you know but ssa is coming out with a sub that they have in there hands right now that takes 1500 watts rms and is made to be a extremely loud daily set up..ss audio just finished doing a build for it and hes getting some vids up right now..but i wish i could tell you when it will be ready for public to buy..and it will be in 12-15-18'' sizes.. here is what ss audio said-Ok, I'll give a pic, before anyone asks, we don't have pricing or specs on them yet, all I can say is they will be a 1500wRMS range driver. We don't even have a date range on when they will be available. They will be in 12" 15" & 18" versions though. Black baskets, and some cosmetic changes will be made. I would like to set the record straight right here and now, this is NOT an SPL sub. It's sole purpose in design is to be an insanely loud daily driver.
  13. denalilvr

    ssa icon 10

  14. denalilvr

    Replacing 2 BTL 12's with 2 lvl 5 15's

    so your mad because you didnt get insider news? omg get a phuckin life and offcourse you can careless becuase its not your sub,not your company,not your money they have invested in the company..jesus how the hell does someone like you own a audio shop and act like a freshman in highschool who hangs out after school showing off with his jensen subs..
  15. denalilvr

    New BTL's.....Exclusive pics tonite :D

    sounds like im gonna open a shop next door to yours hire me has your manager?