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  1. Puggsley456

    new amp for two machfive subs

    I assume you mean the IXL's. They dont need much power to get loud. I only give mine 400rms each and they hit a 141.0db.
  2. Puggsley456

    New Mach 5 Build - Zero Power Compression

    It will be like nothing you have ever seen in a speaker before! Just thinking about this blows my mind.
  3. Puggsley456

    IXL Power Handling

    Agreed. Even if you could it would change things so drastically that you would no longer have a IXL. And that would be a pitty.
  4. Puggsley456

    IXL Power Handling

    I dont think there is. In order to get a coil similar to the SPL series in there would be a very hard thing to do. Theres just not as much gap space in there.
  5. Puggsley456

    IXL Power Handling

    The IXL's will clearly tell you what they like and dont like. In my extensive expierience with these drivers, they do take slightly more than rated power as long as it "Clean". I wouldnt run them there daily though. I metered my 2 IXL's on 750 rms combined and did a 141.0 legal. Now when I uped the power to 2000rms I did a 143.0.
  6. Puggsley456

    ixl-10 power handling

    Will this work in a sealed box and what would the minimum box size be as i'm thinking of going with 4 of these driver's... Kevin You may want to pm Mark. I know he is doing some changes on the IXL's and he can tell you what is best for them.
  7. Puggsley456

    IXL 10.2.2

    Why tuned so high? Hows the low end extension? I got a 10" that I will be building a box for in the girlfriend's car. I am still deciding on which tuning for her though. It was a tester box. Just to see what it would do. I would recommend 35hz for daily driveing. Perfect tuning IMO,
  8. Puggsley456

    IXL 12" Sub... Need help picking an enclosure!

    IMO that box is too small. It should be at least 1.4-1.6 cubes after displacements for optimum efficiency of the IXL 12. I believe the 1 cubic foot box was for the sealed box requirements. Thats where I come in... I spent way to many hours playing with that program........very cool program once you grasp all the tricks.
  9. Puggsley456

    2005 Blazer.. Mach 5 SPL-12s..build.

    Nice job! I too used the same Speckled paint on my port. But mine was the Granite color. You are right the stuf smells Yummy. I dont know what they do to make it smell so good but I know Mark gave me a few odd looks while I was painting it. I was enjoying it WAY too much. But I think I paid $8-9/can...that stuff gets pricey fast.
  10. Puggsley456

    IXL-10 with US acoustics USB2150

    The IXL drivers as a whole are very efficient drivers. I have my IXL 12's running off of 400rms each and they get crazy loud. But they blend in seamlessly if desired.
  11. Puggsley456

    New Mach 5 Build - Zero Power Compression

    hey, I'm not from Winnipeg although I've spent plenty of time drinking there, at least before I turned 21. The old bugger was reffering to me....LOL But Mark threw some crazy stuff at me when we first discussed this project......the mans an inovator at heart. I put nothing out of the realm of possibility.
  12. Puggsley456

    New Mach 5 Build - Zero Power Compression

    Hey..........Hey............Heeeeyyyyyy! I told you before.....I'll be there for assembly....and to help this time......
  13. Puggsley456

    New Mach 5 Build - Zero Power Compression

    Thats only the start guys. IMO marks high level of ingenuity is going to shine through on this project. Stay tuned.....I know I am.
  14. Puggsley456


    I am not sure exactly when. Just please be patient.
  15. Puggsley456


    Please be patient. Mark is currently away on vacation. I am sure answering his emails will be a priority as soon as he gets back.