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    I need a response from an FI Employee Please

    Is there anyway you can tell me when it's going to be done?
  2. Hey Shawn or Nick, I've been trying to reach you guys for a while now it seems and have had no response. I sent my subwoofer in a while ago (more than a month ago) and I've sent out numerous emails and pm's to you guys about when and even if I'm getting my sub back and still no response. Shawn I talked to you a few weeks ago and you said you would check into it for me that same day and never got any news back. I thought this might be a better place to get your attention. Thanks, Cameron
  3. areyouserious

    15" Q Dustcap Getting Very Warm

    I know what clipping does, and I kinda figured it was clipping. I don't want to turn the gain on the amp past 3/4 though. We will see.
  4. areyouserious

    15" Q Dustcap Getting Very Warm

    Right, but if I set it low like that, there is really no sub pre-out voltage if it's set @ 0, that's why I have to keep it high. I may raise the gain a bit, and back down and try to match the HU and amp voltages. Will this hurt the sub Mustang, or not really?
  5. areyouserious

    15" Q Dustcap Getting Very Warm

    Hey all, I had to make a new username I guess because of the crash..anyways The dustcap on my Q is getting very warm. I am using my BXi-1500d, which probably does an actual 1000w @ 1ohm. I have the Dual 2 coils. The gain is set 1/2 way on the amp, the sub pre-out is @ +6, which basically uses the full voltage (2.2v). I don't think I can be overpowering the Q. And there is a funny smell, not sure if it's the VC glue or the VC melting itself. What should I do, because I don't think I am overpowering the Q with this amp. Here is a video BTW: