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  1. I'll be there for sure.
  2. That is a nice ass ride. I bet it's gonna slam with some good power...
  3. better jump on that. only if the sub is in good shape besides the tinsel lead though.
  4. Thanks man. Alot of details to do still. The thread shows the spl addiction really take over... I might need a intervention soon.
  5. Thanks alot fellas. Mac, that golf is sick btw!
  6. I kinda just freestyled this one. But i built it with 8cubes for the sealed part firing in to 12 cubes. And it is a musical beast. It actually hurts after a min or 2 and damn near impossible to drive with the knob turned even a quarter way up. Far as i can tell its tuned around 35-40 ish. Ill get it on a tl real soon and find out.
  7. more progress... i knew my setup had more potential so i rebuilt the wall into a 4th order... sorry for the lack of pics during the rebuild but i left my phone at work. i used the old carpet from the old back to keep the dust off the goods if you were wondering. i still have to hide my rcas. i cut it real close. had to engineer the shit out of it but, it worked out pretty good. heres how it is now. i still have some adjusting of the port and the 5x7's will be installed better. they are temporary because i am figuring out the exact placement i want. from the outside. i can use the back seats again. more to come...
  8. Nope. Tease... The design looks killer. Dual spiders FTW
  9. Thanks alot. Its been a blast to do.
  10. Strapped is connecting 2 linkable amps together in a way that doubles the potential output of the amplifiers. Like making them seem and act as 1 large amp. Thats the best way i can think to explain it. And those numbers are a result of a extremely strong electrical system, low impedance, kickass installation and of course the best equipment on the market *actual results may vary*
  11. probably another inch, so 5 total. with the drop keys i will have the option to go as far as 8 i think, but 5 is as far as i can go without tearing out my front drive axles. i obviously dont go off road but i need the 4 wheel drive for these oklahoma winters. next thing i need is a grille...
  12. cool, thanks for the tip. its a 4x4 so there isnt any drop spindles for it i cranked the torsion bar. im going to get drop keys for the front. i will definitely check the back break lines though, thanks again.