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  1. TheWalrus

    FI Q Power Handling Abilities and Size

    A grill would not provide sufficient protection for my needs but I appreciate the suggestion. I'm pretty set on Fi, I've been wanting to try them out for 2 years now since I heard my buddy's 18" BTL. I sent Scott an email about picking up the Q in Las Vegas when I'm back in the lower 48. Hopefully I can take a peak behind the scenes at FI while I'm there it'd be quite the experience. I haven't a doubt in my mind that I will want to add more power. My dream plan is to get another 1500d and strap it with a second Q, gonna need to upgrade electrical at some point too. I'm having a lot of inner battles with balancing financing my hobbies and financing school right now... About to go drop 800 on a Springfield XDM and XD 45ACP this Friday if the deal goes through. Sounds like I should get the 18 then since I have the room and it's similar enough in response compared to the 15. So what does everyone have to say about downfire? I basically need to protect the sub and if there are any other ways I am curious to hear them. One other option I am considering is a bandpass box but I hear they are a beyotch to tune correctly and it normally takes a few builds to get it right.
  2. TheWalrus

    FI Q Power Handling Abilities and Size

    I'm looking for a nice mix between SQ and SPL. 40% SPL and 60% SQ. I have the back of a 4Runner to work with so space is not an issue. I planned on doing a simple rectangular box with a slot port tuned around 32hz. Also probably a bit off subject here but can I get some input on downfire boxes. I want to lift the box a few inches and have a downfire setup to protect the subwoofer from the general mishaps that happen in my vehicle..
  3. My first major build and I want to do it correctly, please point out potential issues. Just bought an SAZ1500d V.2 amp cause I found a smoking deal and couldn't pass it up. It's on a truck barreling towards my house right now Looking for a sub to pair it with and the Q caught my eye. Looks as if I add the cooling package to the sub I can pump another 200-500 watts into her which will align perfectly with the Sundown's output. Going Dual 2 Ohm coils and wire it all up for total impedance of 1 ohm and I should be styling. Only thing I'm still debating is whether I should go with an 18" or 15" woofer. The 18 attracts me for the sheer fact that it's an 18. It'll be bigger than my mofuggin rims man! I also want the system to mess with my lungs a little and hopefully do a tiny hair trick when I crank her up. But I listen to equal parts country, rock, and rap and want quick response. I just want to make sure the 18 won't be "sloppy" in a 10 cu ft ported box when I put on some rock.