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  1. Yeah I'm having this same issue Senchez with my XSv2 15s and am planning on doing the 8 ga. direct leads to the failed one soon and possibly obtaining ZV4 surrounds. When this happened to me the surround ripped 1/2 way around the good woofer (and started the stressing the damaged woofers surround.
  2. truckramrod

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    Chop you might wanna update your sig... $60 a piece for dekas: light on the wallet hard on your back!
  3. truckramrod

    IAK Slamology roll call

    Some of us will be beating off in less than 48 hrs!
  4. truckramrod

    Chop"s 86' Cutlass

    We need to get this going! What can I do to help?
  5. truckramrod

    Let's rep loud & proud @ finals!

    Can do!
  6. truckramrod

    *URGENT* finals wknd for IAK/friends & competitors

    Hey Chuck. This is Kevin H. I wanted a drive too. You texted me but I wonder if you thought you had texted Kevin k. My number ends in ##47. FYI ALSO HEINIECKE texted me congratulating Me on your wheels. How could that happen? Never met OR talked to the guy in my life LOL...HMM
  7. truckramrod

    Lanzar OPTI1535d enclosure ideas and options?

    Well there is a show at the end of the month on the west side of indy. I'm going to try everything I can to be there...with my new setup that is. I remember back in 92 or 93, my cousin's 2 12's on the back seat of a 79 eldorado seemed excruciatingly loud, and it probably didn't sound great either but it is definitely got my brother and I hooked on bass!
  8. truckramrod

    Lanzar OPTI1535d enclosure ideas and options?

    I see you're part of Team IAK. I met Pork Chop at the Xtreme Auto comp 2 Sundays ago. He's a nice and encouraging fellow.
  9. truckramrod

    Lanzar OPTI1535d enclosure ideas and options?

    I'm from the East Indy/greenfield area. I am trying to stay under the window line but these are essentially the max space I can use in the EXT cab portion. The 18" tall limit is actually from seat back to the rear wall. Think typical box dimensions but facing up so that skews the layout a bit. I agree with the gain in enclosure space but that is basically going from 4.0-4.1 net to 4.4 net. So I wouldn't expect a huge change considering I'm well past spec per the manufacturer. I'm not beyond building a standard slot port box of 5.0 net tuned to 35 just to see. I'm currently limited on power, but that wont be the case soon.
  10. truckramrod

    Lanzar OPTI1535d enclosure ideas and options?

    I've heard good things about the SSA forums and I've met a few people at shows who are on the forums and were very helpful and friendly to me. I'm hoping to frequent this forum and gain knowledge and help others like they've helped me. Caraudio.com doesn't have that and hasn't for awhile so I just want to say hi to everybody. These dang old opti's are driving me crazy...They look great and sound pretty good but every forum I've searched on. The only things people say are they want the TC style baskets, they are a good deal and play low and a few guys in MECA have had good luck. I can never seem to find specific info just general ideas about them. I'm done lamenting. Kevin
  11. I need advice with my current and future setups. Please anyone with lanzar opti1535d experience, please speak up! I currenly have it in a 4.35 cube net Atrend 15lsv enclosure tuned to 36 hz with 48.5 sq in of port area. Its in my ext cab sonoma sub firing up behind drivers seat and port firing to the driver side at the base of the b pillar. Its powered by a Lanzar HTG2600d at 0.6 ohm. Here is the odd part. It metered a 139.9 at 44 hz and when I inverted the sub so the basket/motor was exposed, I then metered a 141.2 at 44 hz. For some reason I was thinking when I metered again I hit a 142.1 but that's likely just wishful thinking. Apart from the airspace change from inverting the sub and the 5 ft of additional 16 gauge speaker wire used to connect the woofer when mounted normally, I don't know that anything else changed. I changed the phase setting but that didn't seem to make a difference on the TL. Lanzar recommends 2.5 cubes tuned to 35 hz and giving what I've experienced I can't take that to be accurate at all. http://lanzar.com/manuals/OPTI1535D.pdf any opinions? Moving onward. I have plans to install 2 opti1535ds in my truck on 2 planet audo BB2400.1d amps, with a 9A31 and additional 1/0 cable and maybe an 2nd 145 amp alt. I have 4 4" aeroport kits that I plan on using. That will give me 50 sq in of port area. I would like to have a low 30-33 hz tuning. I know this may be detrimental to TL scores but I prefer the lows to fill in nicely. my max dimensions for a box in my truck are: 40w X 18T X 22D which I've found with out sub disp is 7.08 cubes and the lenght of 4 4" aeros to be 15.7 long. What I'm afraid of is moving down from 4.3ish to 3.5 per woofer and losing output while having a better box and more power. I know I can try it and go from there but I have a few shows I'd like to compete in this month so I'm trying to prevent any wasted time.