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  1. Would my 1500d power 2 12" t2 ok? I know they are 1000rms/2000peak but I dunno if its underrated or over rated specs.the reason I'm asking is cuz I found the t2s at an awesome price too good to pass up! I just wana know if my 1500d would be a good match for the 12s.any input would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Title says it.any input would be appreciated.thanks!
  3. damn coco

    all fi bl owners

    I just bought 2 15" BL's fully loaded with 4 inch coils and they bump hard.as the spiders are loosening up,the lower the bass can drop and sound better.FI all the way...and ive never had a Q but I'm curious to try them.
  4. I applied some amazing goop and its doin great! I honestly don't think the tear was from me,I didn't push it to its mechanical limits,I made sure not too.I think the dude I got them from did,but I got both bl's for 450.00 so im not complaining lol they are awesome drivers!
  5. It's not like I was blaring them at full excursion.I was just letting them move a little..and I didnt pull them out tge crate new,I bought them from a guy that said tgey were new but i think ge used them for a very little time.i purchased them at night in a dark parking lot lol and I can see where there has been a glue put on the tear from him.its my fault for not checking them out thoroughly.I put some super goop in it and it seems to be holding up great.
  6. damn coco

    extreme leads??

    Can someone post some pics of the extreme leads? I'm curious to see what they look like lol.it would be greatly appreciated.thanks!
  7. Ok ill try the super goop.I guess it could do nothing but help.thanks for the input people and I was thinkin that the guy I bought the subs from might have known it was ripped and didnt tell me because i didnt push them to the max..I wouldn't do that.im very careful with them.I just happened to notice the rip as i was about to put it bak in its enclosure.is it possible the other spiders might be ripped or would there be a noise if that was the case?the speaker still sounds perfect and works great..
  8. Well it was 100 degrees out and I had my alpine mx bass boost off.and I had the subs wired paralelle to 1 ohm.I just think they were warm from the weather to be honest. Gain on the amp was 3/4 up but the knob was only at half.only one of the subs spiders got a tear..its soo Damn small tho.I just don't know Wat to do.does it need a re cone for somethin so tiny or can it be repaired? I'll have pics of it up tomoro.it would be a shame if all these new parts had to be torn off lol but it is Wat it is.
  9. damn coco

    Options Explained!

    Love these vids lol
  10. Wat up! I just bought two fully loaded BL 15s.the new version with 4" coils.they are dual 1. I was giving them some free air at around 20-25 hrtz on my sundown 1500d for aBout 10 mins at the most.they BARELY got a Lil warm.nothing bad tho.volume just under half way with the bass knob about half gain.just trying to loosen up the spiders and break in the suspension.they are soooo incrediblly stiff lol but on one of them, as I was pushing up and down on the cone,I see a tiny quarter inch tear in the middle of the spider.was soo bummed..does this need to be re coned or Wat?like i said It's brand spanking new,and it still sounds great and bumps hard,doesn't make any weird noises either,just has the tiniest rip on spider and it bothers the shit outta me lol the other woofer is fine.will the rip get bigger the more its bumped?maybe its small enought to be repaired? with some poly-eurathane glue but I dunno.please let me know on what I should do.any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks