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  1. Anyone know if these can still be bought? Sent the vendor a message but haven't heard back.
  2. haven't metered it yet as it's not 100% done but 2 SA 12's with a 6" aero port being pushed by a RF T1500.1bd @1 ohm
  3. not sure where it came from but I got it fast
  4. My box is indeed just a bit bigger than yours but I checked your box with the port suggestions and it all comes out fine. The port comes with 2 flared ends and the tube itself. Glad to help
  5. My box is 15x35x20. I picked up the port from Parts Express
  6. exactly 6" made the box 20" deep port is 14".. sounds awesome and moves a ton of air!
  7. You could do like I just did use a single 6" aero port. With your box size you could do a single 6" aero 10" long and that will tune you to 35Hz. Then you can buy some 6" pvc and make other lengths and just switch them out depending on if you want a higher or lower tune. The longer the port the lower the freq it will be tuned to. With a 20" deep box you can go as long as 14" on the port length which tunes it to 31hz
  8. box is built and subs are in forgot to take an updated pic. I'm still in the process of sealing the front side of the box off from the trunk.. wow what a job but they sound dam impressive so far with the single 6" port, kept it at 14" long which tunes the box to 31Hz
  9. I hadn't taken into consideration the xmax .. doh! The single 6 was already ordered and it came in today so it's going for a test run either way. Doing 3 4" does give me port area but still not 66 sqin, only 38 sqin. The one 6 of course gives me 28 sqin so I gain 10sq but also raise my tune a few Hz's. As far as net volume with 3 4's its 4.16 sqin and with the 1 6" it's 4.32 sqin.
  10. PSP got back to me and said one 6" would be good for 2 12's, we are going to try it, port came in today. If it doesn't sound good, then I will experiment with 3 4"
  11. 2 4" give me less port area than the single 6". 2 4"s give me 25 inches of port area where as a single 6" gives you 28 inches.
  12. 38 IMO is too high, I'm shooting for the low 30's. I'm going to try the single 6" and hope it works , if not I will have to go up a few Hz's and try (3) 4" which will tune to 34Hz.
  13. honda civic sedan
  14. dimensions are outside I changed a little bit 15x35x20. This gives me after displacement 4.32. Port and subs will be on the same panel
  15. Hey gang building a box for 2 sa12d4's and trying to figure out how many aero ports and what size. I would like the box to turn into the low 30's box dimension are 16x35x19 could go deeper if needed. thanks in advance